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Our dental surveys explore major dental health topics and gather quality results. As of its establishment, DentaVox has rewarded 35,000+ users with 300+ million DCN.



Signing up on DentaVox is free. No CC details needed. Quick and immediate payments. You can exchange DCN into any type of currency or use it to cover dental expenses.



With DentaVox, your opinion serves a good cause. Our survey data enables dental professionals to gain insight into patients needs and adapt to them in good time.



DentaVox loves diversity! People of all ages (18+), ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and location are welcome to be our respondents.



You can answer our online dental surveys anytime, both from the comfort of your home and underway. DentaVox works smoothly on all desktop and portable devices.

Our Most Recent

Paid Surveys

Dentistry of the Future - Dental Survey

Dentistry of the Future

max 48326 DCN

13 min


Let's be bold and go 50 years ahead into the future to reimagine dental care! What will you do at home and what will a dentist do? Are there going to be people, cyborgs, robots, algorithms? Share your vision!

Tooth Decorations - Dental Survey

Tooth Decorations

max 72158 DCN

19 min

Dental aesthetics Innovations

Humans have been making their body more attractive and beautiful for ages. The advancement of technology has allowed us to beautify our teeth, lips, tongues and mouths too. What do you think of tooth decorations and oral piercings?

20 Questions: Dental Implants - Dental Survey Dentavox dentacoin flipping coin

20 Questions: Dental Implants

29128 DCN

4 min

20 Q: myths & facts

Nowadays, dental implants are considered the most reliable tooth replacement solution. But do you think they are too expensive? Too risky? Too demanding to care for? Share your thoughts on the most popular myths and facts about dental implants.

Choice of Dentist - Dental Survey Dentavox dentacoin flipping coin

Choice of Dentist

max 80764 DCN

11 min

Dental marketing

How often do you choose a dentist? What do you want from a dentist and why? Share your experience and preferences - gender, age, type of office, personality characteristics, style of communication and work, etc.

Oral Care While Traveling - Dental Survey

Oral Care While Traveling

max 27804 DCN

7 min

Common dental problems

Traveling is an integral part of life in the 21st century. Short or long trips, for pleasure, business or both, we are often away from home and so is our oral care. How does traveling affect your oral care routine?

Oral Health Summary 2019 - Dental Survey

Oral Health Summary 2019

max 37734 DCN

10 min

Oral hygiene & habits

Another year comes to an end. Let's make a recapitulation of your oral health and lifestyle habits in 2019! Did you visit the dentist regularly? Did your home oral hygiene routine change? What's the most positive lifestyle habit you adopted?

Interactive Oral Care - Dental Survey

Interactive Oral Care

max 15888 DCN

4 min

Oral hygiene & habits Innovations

We live in an interactive world where many products help customers use them in a more efficient way. Has this tendency reached dentistry? Share your experience with smart dental products and dental mobile apps.

Oral Care during Holidays - Dental Survey

Oral Care during Holidays

max 41706 DCN

11 min

Oral hygiene & habits

Holidays spice up our life, but do they come at a price? Do they affect our oral hygiene negatively? How does your oral health do during the holidays? What do you do if you have a problem?

Harmful Oral Habits - Dental Survey

Harmful Oral Habits

max 25818 DCN

7 min

Oral hygiene & habits Dental psychology

We should all brush our teeth, floss and not chew ice, or cut tape with our teeth. However, doing the right thing can be difficult. What are your oral habits? Have you tried breaking the harmful ones? How do you maintain the healthy ones?

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