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Our Most Recent

Paid Surveys

What Are Your Summer Habits? - Dental Survey Dentavox dentacoin flipping coin

What Are Your Summer Habits?

max 287014 DCN

23 min

Oral hygiene & habits

Summers usually bring a lot of sun, vacations, and travel. While people focus on the fun, it can be easy to skip oral care steps. Or this could be the time to catch up on check-ups and treatments. How is your summer & what are your habits?

20 Questions: Wisdom Teeth - Dental Survey Dentavox dentacoin flipping coin

20 Questions: Wisdom Teeth

max 47476 DCN

4 min

Common dental problems Dental surgery 20 Q: myths & facts

Do all people have wisdom teeth? Do they serve any purpose or do they only cause discomfort and misalignment of the other teeth? Is extraction always the best solution? Let us know what you think about twenty popular wisdom teeth notions.

Dental Care During Epidemic - Dental Survey Dentavox dentacoin flipping coin

Dental Care During Epidemic

max 246012 DCN

19 min

Oral hygiene & habits Common dental problems

The flu leaves a mark on human lives every year. Some societies make adjustments to prevent its spread, while others ignore it. What do you do? How about the COVID-19 pandemic of early 2020? Share your experience with epidemics and oral health.

Oral Care for Animals - Dental Survey Dentavox dentacoin flipping coin

Oral Care for Animals

max 563238 DCN

45 min

Oral hygiene & habits

Do animals need oral care? What about teeth brushing? Or dental treatment? Share your thoughts on the topic and if you care for animals, your practices to maintain good oral health.

Oral Microbiome & Probiotics - Dental Survey Dentavox dentacoin flipping coin

Oral Microbiome & Probiotics

max 209326 DCN

18 min

Common dental problems Innovations

Research and discussions of our oral microbiome are trendy. There's a lot of new information about the oral biome or probiotics, but how useful is that for practical purposes? Can you use this knowledge to make your teeth and gums healthier?

Interdental Brushes - Dental Survey

Interdental Brushes

max 45318 DCN

8 min

Oral hygiene & habits

To use or not to use interdental brushes? Are they for everyone or for special conditions? What are their advantages and weaknesses? Share your opinion and experience, as well as your intentions about the future.

Jaw Popping - Dental Survey

Jaw Popping

max 53950 DCN

9 min

Common dental problems

The joints connecting the jawbone to the skull are responsible for chewing, talking, and yawning. They are very complex and with continuous use, or overuse, can cause problems. Have you ever had any popping / clicking sounds made by that joint?

Lies We Tell the Dentist - Dental Survey

Lies We Tell the Dentist

max 33449 DCN

6 min

Dental psychology Patient relations

We all know that lying is bad, yet in some situations it's better to lie. Do dental visits go well with lies? What are the safest and most dangerous topics to lie about? Share your views and experiences with the lies patients tell dentists.

Your Dentist's Waiting Room - Dental Survey

Your Dentist's Waiting Room

max 71214 DCN

12 min

Dental care system Patient relations

How does it feel to be in your dentist's waiting room? What is that room? Are you alone? How do you spend the time before your appointment - do you brush your teeth or work, or maybe watch TV? Share your thoughts and experiences.

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