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Our Most Recent

Paid Surveys

Digital Smile Design - Dental Survey Dentavox dentacoin flipping coin

Digital Smile Design

max 71994 DCN

8 min

Innovations Patient relations

Specialized software allows patients to visualize their smile after specific dental services / treatments. Often this is used by dentists to improve treatments, but sometimes this can be done for fun. What do you think of this option?

Emergency Dental Care - Dental Survey Dentavox dentacoin flipping coin

Emergency Dental Care

max 118144 DCN

11 min

Pain relief Dental care system

A John Lennon song reminds us that "life is what happens while you are busy making other plans." Do you make plans for dental treatments or do you rely on emergency care? How do you imagine emergency dental care?

Dentists in Advertisements: Yes or No? - Dental Survey Dentavox dentacoin flipping coin

Dentists in Advertisements: Yes or No?

max 118144 DCN

12 min

Dental marketing

Should dentists take part in advertisements of oral hygiene products? Have you seen such ads featuring dentists? What do you think of this marketing strategy? Have you bought oral hygiene products after seeing them advertised by dentists?

What Is It Like Being a Dentist? - Dental Survey

What Is It Like Being a Dentist?

max 24921 DCN

5 min

Dental care system Patient relations

American financier J. P. Morgan has said that "A person has two reasons for doing anything: a good reason and the real reason." What would those be for being a dentist? What is it like to be a dentist? Why do dentists contunue being dentists?

Botox & Fillers in Dentistry - Dental Survey

Botox & Fillers in Dentistry

max 44304 DCN

9 min

Dental aesthetics Innovations

Botox & Fillers - are they to be used by plastic surgeons only or by dentists too? Do they only play a role in making oneself more beautiful / attractive or do they improve dental treatments? Share your views and experience.

Dairy Products & Oral Health - Dental Survey

Dairy Products & Oral Health

max 75686 DCN

16 min

Oral hygiene & habits

Dairy consumption has increased in human history forcing humans to evolve to digest milk in adulthood. However, humanity has also seen the rise of plant-based dairy alternatives. How do they affect human health? Which of them is healthier?

20 Questions: Sensitive Teeth - Dental Survey

20 Questions: Sensitive Teeth

21229 DCN

4 min

Common dental problems 20 Q: myths & facts

Having sensitive teeth is so common that we tend to overlook it. Is it an issue to worry about? Or is it normal for everyone's teeth to hurt when biting into cold and hot foods? Share your views on 20 popular notions about tooth sensitivity.

Oral Health in the Classroom - Dental Survey

Oral Health in the Classroom

max 97838 DCN

19 min

Oral hygiene & habits Children's oral health

[Parents only] Children spend most of their awake time in school, away from home, where they have to take care of their oral health without their parents. How do parents deal with this task? What food or oral hygiene guidance do they provide?

Oral Health Conspiracies (or Not?) - Dental Survey

Oral Health Conspiracies (or Not?)

33228 DCN

6 min

Patient relations

Health conspiracy theories have been with humanity for ages. They shape people's understanding & actions about health. What do you think about fluoride poisoning, the negative effects of 5G networks, and others? Is these some truth to them?

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