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Our Most Recent

Paid Surveys

Fake Dentist Reviews - Dental Survey Dentavox dentacoin flipping coin

Fake Dentist Reviews

41568 DCN

9 min

Dental marketing Patient relations

When uncertain, we often look to others for confirmation and ideas. Online reviews help us look further, but it can be challenging to know the genuine from the fake one. Can you spot fake reviews? How? Have you written any fake reviews? Why?

Childhood vs. Adult Bad Habits - Dental Survey Dentavox dentacoin flipping coin

Childhood vs. Adult Bad Habits

max 69280 DCN

14 min

Common dental problems Children's oral health

We've all heard about the importance of the first 7 years of life for character, manners, etc. But isn't this time just as important for adult oral health? Or do all childhood bad habits and their consequences fall out with milk teeth?

Who Needs Better Teeth? - Dental Survey Dentavox dentacoin flipping coin

Who Needs Better Teeth?

44166 DCN

9 min

Oral hygiene & habits

Who's in need of better teeth? Men or women? Children or adults, or the elderly? The haves or the have-nots? Dentists and their staff or other professionals? And why would you say that? Share your views and see what others have to say.

New Oral Hygiene Products - Dental Survey Dentavox dentacoin flipping coin

New Oral Hygiene Products

94394 DCN

22 min

Oral hygiene & habits

Innovation is rapidly changing the way we care for our teeth and gums. Are you aware of newer alternatives for toothpaste, mouthwash or dental floss, such as water flosser, toothpaste or mouthwash tablets, etc? What is your opinion of them?

Mental Disorders & Dental Care - Dental Survey Dentavox dentacoin flipping coin

Mental Disorders & Dental Care

68414 DCN

26 min

Oral hygiene & habits

Mental health becomes more and more recognized as an important factor for overall health, including dental health. How do mental disorders affect dental care and treatment? What are the negatives and how do people manage them?

Storing Tooth Stem Cells - Dental Survey Dentavox dentacoin flipping coin

Storing Tooth Stem Cells

35506 DCN

9 min


New technologies allow people to extract stem cells from fallen milk teeth or lost permanent teeth, store the stem cells and use them to enhance oral or general health. What do you think of such options? Have you tried them?

20 Questions: Age & Oral Health - Dental Survey

20 Questions: Age & Oral Health

9093 DCN

4 min

Common dental problems 20 Q: myths & facts

Are we all destined to lose our teeth with age? Should we pay less attention to gum disease or dry mouth as these are normal issues when getting older? Share what you know and think on the topic and follow our blog for results and tips!

Work Life & Oral Health - Dental Survey

Work Life & Oral Health

max 21217 DCN

9 min

Common dental problems

We all need to survive somehow and for most of us that means holding down a job. Does our oral health determine the kind of job we get, or is it the other way round? Share how your work life affects your oral health, or the other way round.

Milk Teeth: What to Do with Them? - Dental Survey

Milk Teeth: What to Do with Them?

max 12990 DCN

5 min

Oral hygiene & habits Children's oral health

The falling out of milk teeth is a joy and a challenge for children. It is also a challenge for their parents who have to figure out what to do with the fallen milk teeth. What did you / would you do in such a situation?

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