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DIY vs. Conventional Dental Care

max 85918 DCN

23 min

Common dental problems Dental care system

Some have the privilege to refuse conventional dental treatment and choose self-treatment, while others have to resort to self-treatment as the conventional one is too inaccessible. Where do you stand on self vs. conventional treatment?

Dental sealants for children

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5 min

Common dental problems Children's oral health

One of the preventive measures against cavities in children is to apply sealants on their newly grown molar teeth. What is your opinion of sealants and their effectiveness in protecting children's teeth?

Dental tourism

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13 min

Dental care system

In a world where people and information flow freely, dental tourism is flourishing. Often people can receive excellent quality care for less money and have a vacation on top. Have you traveled this way?

Smoking & Oral health

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7 min

Oral health and hygiene Common dental problems

It is well-known that smoking tobacco has negative effects on people's health, both general and oral. It leads to gum disease, more missing teeth and even oral cancer. What do you think of smoking and how has it affected your oral health?

Dental Insurance

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22 min

Dental care system

Dental costs are notoriously high and many countries have developed various insurance models to manage them. Across the world public and private insurers offer different services and terms. What's your experience with dental insurances?

Dental check-ups

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19 min

Dental care system

Research shows that those who take care of their oral health have less cavities, missing teeth and problems overall. Dental check-ups are an integral part of taking care of your mouth and teeth. What does your dental check-up include?

Dentist-Patient Interactions

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20 min

Dental psychology Dental care system

The success of dental treatment depends not only on the dentist's technical expertise, but also on their ability to communicate well with patients and influence their behavior towards healthier choices. How do you interact with your dentist?

20 questions: Cavities

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4 min

Common dental problems 20 Questions

Causes, treatments, influencing factors... Who knows and thinks what about cavities? Share your views in our new survey series "20 Questions". Don't forget to follow our blog and check if the statements are myths or facts!

Common orthodontic problems

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16 min

Dental aesthetics Common dental problems Orthodontics

Some are born with symmetric and aligned teeth, others have to work to make their smiles picture perfect. Share details about your bite and teeth and the steps you have taken to correct any common problems.

Online Dentist Reviews

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5 min

Dental marketing Patient relations

Online reviews provide valuable insight from the experience of other patients and checking them before going to a dentist can save a lot of trouble. Do you like to hear from other patients before settling on a dentist?

Metal or aesthetic braces?

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5 min

Dental aesthetics Orthodontics

More and more data suggests that crooked teeth are not only an aesthetic problem, but a real threat to our good oral health. Fortunately, this knowledge about the problem comes with a variety of solutions - braces, aligners and more.

Fluoride: Friend or Foe?

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4 min

Oral health and hygiene

After decades of research and much fluoride consumption, the question is still unsettled in the public spaces - is it helpful to get fluoride in addition to what is naturally found in water and foods, or not. How much fluoride do you consume?


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21 min

Dental aesthetics Dental prosthetics

For many people getting a denture is the only option for a good quality life when natural teeth are lost. With or without implant support, dentures restore smiles, confidence and everyday functioning.

Do you floss?

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4 min

Oral health and hygiene

Dentists routinely recommend flossing to clean the sides of the teeth. Lately there have been reports suggesting its benefits are not proven. Do you floss and how beneficial do you find it?

What style is your smile?

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5 min

Dental aesthetics Oral health and hygiene

Smiling has been with the human race for over 30 million years and is a vital part of our communication. Now we have the technology to improve our smiles and make them perfect, Hollywood-style smiles. What style is your smile?

Dental crowns

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13 min

Dental aesthetics Common dental problems Dental prosthetics

Dental crowns or caps have been with humanity for more than 1500 years. What's your experience with dental crowns today? Do you still trust gold or do you wear modern alternatives such as zirconia crown? Let us know and get rewarded!

To whiten or not to whiten?

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4 min

Dental aesthetics Oral health and hygiene Common dental problems

Whiter teeth are often associated with healthier teeth. With the abundance of teeth whitening products, that goal is easier to achieve on any budget. However, the question remains - to whiten or not to whiten?

Wisdom Teeth: To Keep or Extract?

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4 min

Common dental problems Dental surgery

Many people don't have wisdom teeth, but those who do sometimes experience discomfort and have various problems with their bite, teeth or pain. What place do wisdom teeth have in your mouth?

To Save or Lose a Tooth?

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4 min

Oral health and hygiene Common dental problems Dental surgery

Adults around the world are often presented with a dilemma - to undergo treatment to save a tooth or allow to have it pulled out. Have you had to make this choice and which option did you choose?

Dental Bridges

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13 min

Dental aesthetics Dental prosthetics

Dental bridges are one of the most widely used dental prosthetics in the general dentist practice. They are safe, quick-to-get, highly functional and durable. Share your experience and satisfaction with dental bridges.

Dental Implants

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11 min

Dental surgery Dental prosthetics

Dental implants will give you a nicer smile and let you bite apples, but getting them is not just for aesthetic reasons or ease of eating. Dental implants can be an important part of your future dental and overall health and well-being.

Dental Implants vs. Dental Bridges

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4 min

Oral health and hygiene Common dental problems Dental prosthetics

Despite recent advances in dental medicine, many people still lose teeth and need a replacement to feel good and lead a quality life. In this situation often the question is - to have or not to have a dental implant. What would you choose?

Dental Services & Payment Options

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9 min

Dental care system Innovations

The typical payment for dental care is with cash or credit. The rise of digital currencies promises to disrupt many businesses, including dentistry, and lead to better services. How do you see the role of digital currencies in dental care?

Dental Fear & Anxiety in Children

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14 min

Oral health and hygiene Children's oral health

[Parents only] Up to a third of children may have some form of dental phobia. The prevention or early treatment of dental fear and anxiety can spare decades of mental suffering and poor oral health, improving quality of life.

Oral cancer

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22 min

Oral health and hygiene Dental prosthetics

Oral cancer is most common in Asia as it's associated with tobacco, betel nut and alcohol use. Europe comes in second. Anti-smoking efforts have decreased tobacco-related tumors, but those related to human papillomavirus are still a big issue.

Dental Fear & Anxiety in Adults

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14 min

Oral health and hygiene Dental psychology

Studies suggest that up to half of all people may have some form of dental fear and anxiety. Even if few have the most severe form, dental phobia, for many their fear may get in the way of better oral health and stronger confidence.

Bad Breath

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23 min

Oral health and hygiene Common dental problems

20-50% of the world population may have bad breath due to various reasons - consumption choices, cavities, gum disease, smoking, poor oral hygiene or underlying medical conditions. Sometimes bad breath can cause significant discomfort.

Mouth Irritations

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21 min

Oral health and hygiene Common dental problems

Almost all of us have had mouth irritations. Most of the time they quickly heal on their own, but sometimes they can cause pain or turn into more serious problems.

Teeth Grinding in Children

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14 min

Common dental problems Children's oral health

[Parents only] Up to 30% of children would grind or clench teeth in their sleep or under pressure. Luckily, most of them outgrow it. Answer the following questions about your kid(s) and help us explore the topic more thoroughly!

Teeth Grinding in Adults

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24 min

Common dental problems Orthodontics

It is unclear what share of adults grind their teeth at night or during the day, but if unchecked, this activity can damage the teeth and jaw, diminishing the quality of life and incurring significant costs.

Cavities in Children

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16 min

Oral health and hygiene Common dental problems Children's oral health

[PARENTS ONLY] Cavities are a preventable problem, yet they still affect many children and the risk factors are very much part of children's lives.

Gum Disease

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27 min

Oral health and hygiene Common dental problems

Gum disease affects people of all ages and causes both minor embarrassing issues (like bad breath) and serious permanent damage of teeth and bones.

Children's Oral Health

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18 min

Children's oral health

A child's early years are a time to create the oral hygiene and attitudes that will allow children to have healthy teeth and gums also in their adulthood.

Eating Disorders and Dental Health

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12 min

Oral health and hygiene Dental psychology

Eating disorders often start with subtle changes in the mouth, but unfortunately, can have severe consequences for one’s dental health.

Aging and Dental Health

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11 min

Dental aesthetics Dental surgery Dental prosthetics

People 55 y.o. or older are at increased risk for a variety of dental problems and may require more care or products, all of which may decrease the quality of life.

Access to Dental Care

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8 min

Dental care system

More than 80% of people worldwide don't have access to dental care, leading to poorer oral health. Share your experience, help us improve dental care!

Dental Veneers

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22 min

Dental aesthetics

Dental, or porcelain, veneers are a popular solution to hide cracked or chipped teeth and to create a beautiful smile.

Cavities in Adults

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25 min

Common dental problems

Cavities, caused by mouth bacteria, frequent snacking, especially of sweets, and not cleaning teeth well, are one of the most common human afflictions.

Maxillofacial Surgery

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3 min

Dental surgery

Maxillofacial surgery is a type of surgery that focuses on repairing damaged, injured or diseased bones and soft tissue in the face, jack, neck and the mouth. Many maxillofacial surgeons are both dental and medical professionals and have a thorough understanding of head, face, neck and mouth problems.

Space Maintainers

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3 min

Orthodontics Children's oral health

Space maintainers are mainly used in children in case of injury or trauma to a milk or primary tooth to stop the other teeth from filling in a tooth gap.

Dental Ethics

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17 min

Dental psychology

Ethics is what professionals rely on to manage their behavior and practice and what ensures the quality of care for patients all over the world.

Dentist-Patient Relationship

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10 min

Dental psychology

A successful dentist-patient relationship leads to better therapeutic results, less anxiety and increased patient loyalty.


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3 min

Oral health and hygiene

Leukoplakia (thick, white patches along the cheeks, gum lines and the tongue) isn't cancer, but can be an early warning sign related to some forms of cancer.


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3 min

Pain relief

Analgesics are commonly used to control the pain, swelling and discomfort of dental procedures. They can take effect very quickly and are not addictive.

Local Anesthetics

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3 min

Pain relief

Local anesthetics or minimal sedation is used to reduce anxiety related to dental procedures, or to reduce pain and prevent dental phobia.

General Sedation

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3 min

Pain relief

General sedation is commonly used when patients have an allergy to local anesthetics, or if they don't receive sufficient relief from local anesthetics.

Cosmetic Dentistry

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3 min

Dental aesthetics

Cosmetic dental procedures include teeth whitening, crown lengthening, veneers, braces, etc. and typically aren't covered by insurance companies.

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