What is DentaVox?

DentaVox is a Blockchain-based online market research platform powered by the Dentacoin Foundation.

Its mission is to explore patient insights through incentivized surveys on a wide range of dental health topics. The data collected can be used by dental professionals and manufacturers to improve their products and services.

How do I get rewarded?

Once you sign up, you can earn different amounts of Dentacoin (DCN) for each survey depending on the number of questions you have answered.

How do I register?

Users: You can easily sign up on DentaVox using your Facebook or Civic account.

Dentists: First you have to set up an account with your preferred email and password. Once you have provided the required information to complete your registration, your profile will be assessed and verified by our Onboarding Team. You will receive an email confirmation as soon as this process is finalized.

What is Dentacoin?

Dentacoin (DCN) is a cryptocurrency you can use as a means of payment for dental services and products within the Dentacoin Network.

Dentacoin can also be stored in a crypto wallet for future value multiplication or exchanged to other (crypto and standard) currencies on multiple international exchange platforms.

How many surveys a day can I take?

You can take 10 surveys per day. Just make sure you don't get tired and start answering randomly!

Why do I see "Oops! Survey not available..."?

If you encounter this message, it means that at this very moment the survey has reached the limit for users with your demographics. No worries: We upload two new surveys every week. Limits are dynamic, so just make it a daily habit to check for newly available surveys!

Are there any rules I have to follow?

We do not tolerate any manipulation attempts, including but not limited to:
- creating multiple accounts;
- impersonating other people;
- providing wrong data;
- random clicking.

While taking the surveys, two additional ban rules apply: take your time and focus. Rushing through the questions and answering inconsistently will compromise the quality of survey results.
If you keep breaking both rules, you will be suspended for 24h, 72h, 168h and then permanently banned. (Check the "Bans" section below for more details.)

How can I withdraw my rewards?

To withdraw the DCN you have collected, just go to My Wallet menu which is located on your Profile page and enter your Dentacoin Address. If you haven’t set up your wallet yet, follow these simple instructions.

How long do withdrawals usually take?

Withdrawals can take between a few minutes and a few days (if the Ethereum network is overloaded). Don't worry if you have pending transactions! All transactions are automatically re-initiated until the payment is received when the standard gas price is below the minimum security level of 80gwei .

Is there any withdrawal limits?

The minimum withdrawal amount for DentaVox is set to 90,000 DCN. You can make one withdrawal per 30 days for the entirety of your balance. We do recommend you, however, to withdraw all available amounts in one transaction to your wallet. You can withdraw to a wallet, but not to a smart contract.

How can I earn DCN for referring other people?

You will be rewarded for each friend / patient that has taken at least one survey on DentaVox, in addition to the Welcome Survey.

Techinical Questions

I cannot verify with Civic. What should I do?

Civic App is available for Android 6.0 and iOS 10.3 and later. At the moment we do not support any other KYC method. In case of problems, feel free to contact Civic at support@civic.com.

Why is my transaction "pending"?

If your transaction is "pending", this means that the transaction is in the queue for processing. When the system reaches the transaction in the queue, it will begin processing until it becomes "completed".

What does "security check" of transactions mean?

If this is your first transaction, then it first goes through manual approval (usually up to 5 work days).

Please remember that we do not tolerate any manipulation attempts, including but not limited to:
- creating multiple accounts;
- impersonating other people;
- providing wrong data;
- random clicking.

If any of the above is detected, your account will be irreversibly blocked.

It's been more than 5 work days and my first transaction is still in "security check". What to do?

If it's been more than 5 work days, your account has probably been put on hold and you must submit more details. Log into your account and submit an appeal. Please use only the designated form and do not try to appeal via other channels.

Note that you can only appeal once and your request will be assessed within 5 work days. If you still have no access afterwards, there is no further action you can take

Account Blocking & Bans

Can you remove my ban?

Unfortunately, we cannot. Before getting banned, you have been explicitly informed of what will follow if you rush through the questions and/or answer inconsistently.

We rely on your diligence and dedication to DentaVox mission and reward only quality survey data. Besides, bans are progressive.

I have answered too fast but my answers were legit. Will you lift my ban?

Yet again, we cannot. Answering several questions in a row too fast implies that you might have not been very concentrated. And we need your full awareness. Try not to be that quick and you will be on the safe side next time.

What will happen with my DCN rewards if I get temporarily or permanently banned?

If you get suspended for 24h, 72h or 168h, you will lose the DCN reward for the survey during which you have been penalized.

If you get banned for good, you will lose all DCN amounts that have not yet been transferred to your Wallet.

Will I be able to access my Profile if I get banned?

If you get temporarily banned, you will only be able to access your Profile and check how much time is left until we lift your ban.

With a permanent ban, you will lose access to your DentaVox Profile for good.

I received an email that my account is blocked. What can I do?

DentaVox is not a game. We do not tolerate any manipulation attempts, including but not limited to:
- creating multiple accounts;
- impersonating other people;
- providing wrong data;
- random clicking.

If you still believe your profile has been disabled by mistake, you can log into it and send a ban appeal using the designated form. You can only appeal once, so if you have already done it and your appeal has been rejected, there is no further action you can take.

Are there any age limitations?

Yes. You should be eighteen (18) or older to use DentaVox. If underage users are detected despite the confirmation given, their accounts will be blocked.