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We believe that the dental market research data we collect can be very useful to dental professionals, suppliers, manufacturers, health media, and anyone who is somehow involved in the dental industry. That’s why we share our carefully selected survey results for free. The Blockchain technology behind DentaVox ensures the authenticity and actuality of the dental statistics presented.

Featured Stats
Information During Dental Treatment - Survey Statistics

Information During Dental Treatment

Find out how people check for their dentist's availability or if they are reminded about dental appointments. See what information patients are given when scheduling appointments and after them. Are the actual treatment and its cost different from the planned?

20 Questions: Teeth Whitening - Survey Statistics

20 Questions: Teeth Whitening

Modern dentistry has its means to help us achieve the pearly white smile of our dreams, and teeth whitening is among the most popular ones. It is surrounded by numerous myths, though. See what people know and think about teeth whitening.

Dental Abscess - Survey Statistics

Dental Abscess

Find out what people believe is the cause of dental abscesses, the symptoms that are associated with the condition and the best responses to having an abscess. For those who have had a tooth abscess, see what they think caused it and how they treated it.

Baby Teeth Traditions - Survey Statistics

Baby Teeth Traditions

Tooth fairies, mouses, bunnies, squirrels... Many characters around the world are responsible for taking care of fallen baby teeth. Find out which are the most popular tooth collectors, what they do and what the rewards are for children.

Teledentistry - Survey Statistics


Check out people's awareness of teledentistry, their likelihood to use it and whether they have already used it. See how much people agree that teledentistry has benefits and should be covered by insurance. Also, find out which issues can best be handled in this way.

Dieting & Oral health - Survey Statistics

Dieting & Oral health

Find out how dieting affects oral health, and if people have ever dieted. Also, among those who have dieted, see how they take extra or worse care of their oral health when dieting.

Oral Care Awareness - Survey Statistics

Oral Care Awareness

What is the ideal oral care? How should teeth or the spaces between them be cleaned? What can the ideal toothpaste/alternative offer? How do childhood's ideals about oral care change? What informational materials in the dentist's office attract attention?

Stress & Oral Health - Survey Statistics

Stress & Oral Health

Find out how people evaluate the stressfulness of their life and how they change their oral care routine under stress.

Child-Dentist Relationship - Survey Statistics

Child-Dentist Relationship

How are parents involved in children's dental visits and up to what age should they be involved? Find out how parent's evaluate their child's dentist, what methods are used to calm children and how children are involved in their own treatment.

20 Questions: Pregnancy & Oral Care - Survey Statistics

20 Questions: Pregnancy & Oral Care

Are X-Rays forbidden during pregnancy? Are mother's food choices affecting the baby's oral health? Should pregnant women visit the dentist for check-ups? Find out what are the perceptions of people in regards to those popular notions about oral care during pregnancy.

Dental Health Assurance - Survey Statistics

Dental Health Assurance

Find out if people use dental assurance and what would motivate them to use it. See what is the awareness of Dentacoin Assurance, the first peer-to-peer dental assurance option, and how important some key Dentacoin features are.

Peer-to-Peer Dental Insurance - Survey Statistics

Peer-to-Peer Dental Insurance

Find out how people evaluate their awareness of peer-to-peer dental insurance. See how much people define peer-to-peer models as transparent, streamlined, affordable, and more...

Food habits & Oral health - Survey Statistics

Food habits & Oral health

Find out how important food is for oral health, how some specific foods are evaluated in terms of their healthfulness, are food choices affecting oral health, and many more interesting statistics on the topic.

Dental sealants for children - Survey Statistics

Dental sealants for children

Find out if dental sealants are perceived as safe and effective in preventing cavities. See how many children have dental sealants, what are the reasons for getting sealants, and how many teeth with sealants actually develop cavities.

DIY vs. Conventional Dental Care - Survey Statistics

DIY vs. Conventional Dental Care

Find out if Do-It-Yourself or conventional dentistry is associated with being safe and effective. See how many people have used DIY or conventional dentistry and their reasons to do so, and more interesting insights.

Smoking & Oral health - Survey Statistics

Smoking & Oral health

Find out how much negative influence smoking tobacco has on people's oral health, both smokers themselves and the others. See what dental problems smoking tobacco is perceived to cause, as well as the dental problems smokers have experienced since starting smoking tobacco. See how many people have ever smoked and what have the smokers, both current and ex, typically do to counter the negative effect of smoking on their oral health.

Dental tourism - Survey Statistics

Dental tourism

Find out how many people have traveled for dental treatment abroad and what their main reasons are. See how they decide what treatment to get and where they look for information in choosing their dentist. See what the barriers are to traveling abroad for dental tourism...

Wisdom Teeth: To Keep or Extract? - Survey Statistics

Wisdom Teeth: To Keep or Extract?

Find out the importance of preserving any wisdom teeth that may come out and how many wisdom teeth have been pulled out. For those who have wisdom teeth pulled out, find out when the first one was extracted.

Dental Insurance - Survey Statistics

Dental Insurance

Find out how people view public and private dental insurance options, if they have dental insurance, and if they had to choose now, what would be their preferences. See why they rely on private and public insurance plans, and what motivates them to get insured.

20 questions: Cavities - Survey Statistics

20 questions: Cavities

Can sugar-free drinks cause cavities? Are cavities contagious? Are brushing and flossing sufficient to fight cavities? Can acidic foods lead to cavities? Check key market insights on people's awareness of twenty popular myths and facts about cavities.

Online Dentist Reviews - Survey Statistics

Online Dentist Reviews

Online reviews by patients can make or break dentist's online reputation. Find the latest trends in patient's behavior related to reading reviews, trusting other patients feedback, and their own willingness to contribute. Check what are the most influencing aspects of a review.

Dental check-ups - Survey Statistics

Dental check-ups

Find out how frequently people have dental check-ups and if the following elements are typically included - collection of medical history, a cleaning session, x-rays, photographs, examination of bite/teeth positioning, and what recommendations were given at the last dental check-up

Metal or aesthetic braces? - Survey Statistics

Metal or aesthetic braces?

Find out how important it is for people to straighten crooked teeth and how many have had braces. See what effect metal and aesthetic braces have on the personal lives of those who wear them. Also, see what kind of braces would be chosen if people had to make that choice at the present moment.

Dentist-Patient Interactions - Survey Statistics

Dentist-Patient Interactions

Do people have a regular dentist and what are their reasons for typically visiting one or many dentists. Find out how regular dentists react to patients informing them about treatment complications. Also, see is patients typically know the cost of their dental visit / treatment with their regular dentist.

Fluoride: Friend or Foe? - Survey Statistics

Fluoride: Friend or Foe?

Find out how beneficial, safe and effective fluoride is, in the recommended doses, for people's oral health and how much fluoride people consume.

Common orthodontic problems - Survey Statistics

Common orthodontic problems

Which type of braces is considered the best option? How do people react when they see someone with braces? Have people worn braces and how many times? What is their natural bite and teeth alignment? See also, how people with problem bites feel about them; how old people were when they first had braces, their reasons and overall satisfaction.

Do you floss? - Survey Statistics

Do you floss?

Find out what people think about the significance of flossing for oral health and its safety. See how many people have engaged in regular flossing.

Dentures - Survey Statistics


Find out what is the share of respondents with dentures, what type of dentures people prefer, what are the usual costs of dentures, how people feel when seeing a removable denture falling out of one's mouth and more key statistics.

What style is your smile? - Survey Statistics

What style is your smile?

See which smile is more trustworthy, what are the elements of the ideal smile and how many have had a smile makeover to get a Hollywood smile.

Dental crowns - Survey Statistics

Dental crowns

See how much people know about dental crowns and how many have them. Also, find out if those who have a dental crown got any discount on the price, how satisfied they are and how likely they are to get another one in the next 5 years.

To whiten or not to whiten? - Survey Statistics

To whiten or not to whiten?

See what color teeth people have and how often they have whitened their teeth in the past 5 years. Also, find out how frequently they use charcoal-containing toothpaste.

Dental Bridges - Survey Statistics

Dental Bridges

See how knowledgeable people feel about dental bridges and how many they have. Also, find out if those who have a dental bridge got any discount on the price, how satisfied they are and how likely to get another dental bridge.

To Save or Lose a Tooth? - Survey Statistics

To Save or Lose a Tooth?

Find out how many people have had root canal treatment and how many have had any of their teeth, including their wisdom teeth, pulled out.

Dental Implants - Survey Statistics

Dental Implants

See how many people have had dental implants. For those with dental implants, you can find out why they chose the dental team which performed the last such procedure, how long it took to get their last one, how they evaluate their current oral health as compared to their oral health before having implants and finally, how satisfied they are with having implants.

Dental Implants vs. Dental Bridges - Survey Statistics

Dental Implants vs. Dental Bridges

Traditional or implant-supported dental bridge? Find out more about people's preferences, as well as about the probability to choose any of those restorations in case of missing teeth.

Dental Services & Payment Options - Survey Statistics

Dental Services & Payment Options

Find out how people typically pay for dental care services. Also, see what type of application was used the last time they applied for a dental credit. See what the level of awareness of digital currencies is and how likely people are to seek dental services for which they can pay with such currencies.

Dental Fear & Anxiety in Children - Survey Statistics

Dental Fear & Anxiety in Children

Are children afraid of the dentist? What factors trigger dental anxiety in children? What is the role of parents in developing healthy oral care habits, incl. regular dental visits? Find out key insights on the topic.

Oral cancer - Survey Statistics

Oral cancer

See how many people have been diagnosed with oral cancer. For those with cancer, you can see when they were diagnosed, who first suspected it, and what their oral hygiene at the time of diagnosis was. For those without the disease, you can find out their estimate of how likely they are to develop it in the future.

Dental Fear & Anxiety in Adults - Survey Statistics

Dental Fear & Anxiety in Adults

Studies suggest that up to half of all people may have some form of dental fear and anxiety. Even if few have the most severe form, dental phobia, for many their fear may get in the way of better oral health and stronger confidence.

Bad Breath - Survey Statistics

Bad Breath

Find out how much vitamins / supplements people take; how they evaluate their dental hygiene in the past 12 months. See how people feel about bad breath, how long they have had it and how effective their coping strategies are.

Mouth Irritations - Survey Statistics

Mouth Irritations

Find out if people check their toothpaste for sodium lauryl sulfate; how they evaluate their dental health in the past 12 months; how the last episode of cold sores compares to previous ones and if people worried they will pass them to others; what type of healthcare specialist they consulted during the last leukoplakia episode and how long it took the last thrush episode to clear.

Teeth Grinding in Children - Survey Statistics

Teeth Grinding in Children

Find out the attitudes of people towards raising children, as well as their level of awareness of teeth grinding in children. Also, see how parents evaluate the advice and guidance they provide about oral health.

Teeth Grinding in Adults - Survey Statistics

Teeth Grinding in Adults

Find out how satisfied people are with their life situations. Also, see what their level of awareness of teeth grinding is and how much this issue affects them, their partners or their close social circle.

Cavities in Children - Survey Statistics

Cavities in Children

Find out what dental problems mothers experienced during pregnancy. Also, see how many times children have had poorly applied fillings; whether children have sealants, how often parents sweeten their children's food and how sweet children prefer their beverages.

Gum Disease - Survey Statistics

Gum Disease

Find out how much people know about gum disease and whether they believe it can be prevented. Also, see how often people have tartar removed and how strongly the condition of one's gums affects one's emotional state. Last, but not least, check out how many people have been diagnosed with gum disease.

Children's Oral Health - Survey Statistics

Children's Oral Health

Find out the age up to which people believe they should brush a child's teeth and how often parents use sweets as a reward. Also, see if children brush their teeth by themselves, how often they visit a dentist, and how many cavities they currently have.

Eating Disorders and Dental Health - Survey Statistics

Eating Disorders and Dental Health

See how often people engage in physical activities. Find out the prevalence of eating disorders among respondents and in their close social circle, whether those with eating disorders have visited a dentist in relation to the disorder and whether they were prescribed a nutritional plan.

Aging and Dental Health - Survey Statistics

Aging and Dental Health

Find out what phrase best describes the people aged 55-75 and how people evaluate their oral health. Also, see what share of the respondents have considered cosmetic surgery or orthodontic treatment to mitigate the effects of aging.

Access to Dental Care - Survey Statistics

Access to Dental Care

Find out what kind of dental services and facilities people around the world normally use; what kind of problems they face when looking for dental help; and what alternatives to dental treatment they resort to.

Dental Veneers - Survey Statistics

Dental Veneers

Find out how many people have dental veneers, how they feel about them and how they perceive their cost. Also, learn how often people have their teeth/veneers professionally cleaned and how often they brush teeth after consuming acidic foods/drinks.


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