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Featured Stats
20 Questions: Gum Disease - Survey Statistics

20 Questions: Gum Disease

Are bleeding gums something normal? Is bad oral hygiene the only cause of gum disease? Is this condition treatable? And avoidable? See people's perceptions of popular myths and facts on the topic.

Social Media for Dentists - Survey Statistics

Social Media for Dentists

Find out what social media people use and which ones they think dentists should use, what they should publish, and if dentists should pay for advertisements there. See what people think about those dentists who don't use such platforms.

Fake Dentist Reviews - Survey Statistics

Fake Dentist Reviews

For which products do people distinguish fake online reviews the easiest? How do fake dentist reviews compare to those in general? See how people estimate the share of fake dentist reviews, how they recognize them and if they have written any.

Who Needs Better Teeth? - Survey Statistics

Who Needs Better Teeth?

Who's in need of better teeth? Men or women? Children or adults, or the elderly? The haves or the have-nots? Dentists and their staff or other professionals? And why would you say that? Share your views and see what others have to say.

New Oral Hygiene Products - Survey Statistics

New Oral Hygiene Products

See how quickly new oral care products are adopted and what innovations are considered most useful. Find out the awareness level, usage status and most important benefits associated with various new oral hygiene products.

Mental Disorders & Dental Care - Survey Statistics

Mental Disorders & Dental Care

Find out what people think about the dental care for those with mental disorders. See how many people have mental disorders and how those who have such a condition evaluate their care and its challenges.

Storing Tooth Stem Cells - Survey Statistics

Storing Tooth Stem Cells

Find out what people know and think about storing and using stem cells from teeth. See how many have done it or not, and why. See if how people envision the future of stem cells in re-growing teeth.

Childhood vs. Adult Bad Habits - Survey Statistics

Childhood vs. Adult Bad Habits

Find out what people think about childhood harmful oral habits - when do children most often develop them, strongest reasons to get them and protective factors. Also, find out what habits people had and how their parents reacted to them.

20 Questions: Age & Oral Health - Survey Statistics

20 Questions: Age & Oral Health

Are we all destined to lose our teeth with age? Should we pay less attention to gum disease or dry mouth as these are normal issues when getting older? See the perceptions about popular myths and facts on the topic.

Work Life & Oral Health - Survey Statistics

Work Life & Oral Health

Find out why oral health is important for jobs, & what people associate with professional success /failure. See which professions are expected to lead to the best / worst oral health. Also, explore how people evaluate their current / last job.

Milk Teeth: What to Do with Them? - Survey Statistics

Milk Teeth: What to Do with Them?

Find out if people have their own milk teeth preserved, what they consider the best fate of milk teeth vs. what they actually did with the milk teeth of their children and why.

Childhood vs. Adult Daily Oral Care - Survey Statistics

Childhood vs. Adult Daily Oral Care

Find out what people think about childhood vs. adult daily oral care routines - when they are better, who taught them the most, and what childhood daily routines included.

Oral Care on the Go - Survey Statistics

Oral Care on the Go

Find out what oral care people have done on the go, while commuting or at random places, how they evaluate this oral care and the places they have used, as well as how they maintain oral hygiene after daytime meals outside of home.

Toothlessness - Survey Statistics


Find out what people believe about toothlessness - when does it happen, its most common reason, how people feel about it and what has the most negative effect on quality of life. Also, see how many people have lost all their teeth on one or both jaws.

Dating & Oral Health - Survey Statistics

Dating & Oral Health

Find out what people first notice about someone they find attractive and what makes a smile attractive. See which oral health issues stop people from dating. Also, find out how oral health helps or interferes with dating.

The Perfect Dentist Website - Survey Statistics

The Perfect Dentist Website

Find out what features and functionalities of websites of dental offices are most relevant, the typical means of selecting which site to visit and why. Find out how people see the appearance and functionality of the perfect website.

20 Questions: Dental Crowns - Survey Statistics

20 Questions: Dental Crowns

Dental crown restorations are among the most common dental procedures dentists perform. Despite this fact, they are sometimes not very well understood. See what people know and think on the topic and follow our blog for detailed analysis!

Oral Health Impact on General Health - Survey Statistics

Oral Health Impact on General Health

Find out what people think about the influence of missing teeth, gum disease, tooth abscesses and orthodontic issues on general health: issues caused, their seriousness, the most likely ones, those with the greatest negative effect on quality of life.

Tooth Discoloration - Survey Statistics

Tooth Discoloration

Find out what people think of tooth discoloration - what causes it, how common it is, how they react to it. See if people have had any discoloration and what type, and how they have tried reversing it.

Oral Health & Sports - Survey Statistics

Oral Health & Sports

Find out how people see the influence of regular sports on oral health and what they think of sports / energy drinks. See how often those who are physically active consume sports / energy drinks and if they use oral protection.

Chronic Conditions & Dental Care - Survey Statistics

Chronic Conditions & Dental Care

Find out what people think about the dental care for those with chronic conditions. See how many people have chronic conditions and how those who have such a condition evaluate their care and its challenges.

Tooth Decorations - Survey Statistics

Tooth Decorations

Find out how people describe tooth decorations, if men and women with oral piercings are attractive in different degree. See how many people have tooth decorations and what are the main reasons not to have never had one.

Dentistry of the Future - Survey Statistics

Dentistry of the Future

Find out how people see dentistry 50 years from now - overall differences, routine oral care, prevention, treatment, emergencies, cosmetic treatments,the role of technology, etc.

20 Questions: Dental Implants - Survey Statistics

20 Questions: Dental Implants

Nowadays, dental implants are considered the most reliable tooth replacement solution. But do people think they are too expensive? Too risky? Too demanding to care for? See the perceptions about popular myths and facts about dental implants.

Choice of Dentist - Survey Statistics

Choice of Dentist

Find out which are the most and least important factors in choosing dentists, as well as what dentists people would go to - their gender, personality, location, and type of practice. See which gender makes patients more relaxed.

Oral Care While Traveling - Survey Statistics

Oral Care While Traveling

Find out which type of travel is associated with the worst oral care, or if people need different oral care products while traveling. See if oral care on the road is different from at home, and how so. Find out how travelers respond to dental emergencies.

Oral Health Summary 2019 - Survey Statistics

Oral Health Summary 2019

Respondents made a recapitulation of their oral health and lifestyle habits in 2019. Did they visit the dentist regularly? Did their home oral hygiene routine changed? What's the most positive lifestyle habit they adopted? See our up-to-date statistics.

Interactive Oral Care - Survey Statistics

Interactive Oral Care

Find out if people use their smart devices to monitor / improve their health, what features of dental apps are most useful. See how often and for which tasks people would use interactive oral care in the next 12 months.

Oral Care during Holidays - Survey Statistics

Oral Care during Holidays

Holidays spice up our life, but do they come at a price? Do they affect our oral hygiene negatively? How does your oral health do during the holidays? What do you do if you have a problem?

Harmful Oral Habits - Survey Statistics

Harmful Oral Habits

Find out which oral habits people consider the healthiest or most harmful for their oral health. See which harmful oral habits they currently have, especially about cleaning teeth and using them as tools, and if they have tried breaking them.

Women's Oral Health - Survey Statistics

Women's Oral Health

Find out if people consider the oral problems of men and women differently and which part of a woman's life is the riskiest. See how women see their oral health throughout their lives - childhood, puberty, their reproductive years and beyond.

Toothache - Survey Statistics


Find out if people believe they should see a dentist in case of toothache. See what has caused people's last toothache and how they treated it. Among those who went to a dentist, see which dentist they visited.

Professional Teeth Cleaning - Survey Statistics

Professional Teeth Cleaning

Find out what is the best way of preventing plaque build-up and describing teeth cleaning. See who'd ideally do it, if people have had their teeth cleaned at home, or in a dental office (how often and how they check if the cleaning is done well).

20 Questions: Children's Teeth - Survey Statistics

20 Questions: Children's Teeth

Children's oral health is covered with various myths that confuse parents' daily care. Is sugar the only cause of cavities in kids? When should a child start going to the dentist? See perceptions on the topic and check our blog for a myth-busting article.

The Dental Office of Your Dreams - Survey Statistics

The Dental Office of Your Dreams

Find out how people imagine the dental office of their dreams - is it a place and where is, what color and smell is it, how are the walls decorated, how is the space organized, who greets patients and how do dentist explain about treatments.

Amalgam Fillings - Survey Statistics

Amalgam Fillings

Find out how safe amalgam fillings are considered. See if people believe they cause different health problems, if they have replaced them and if they agree that amalgam fillings should not be used at all.

Prevention of Oral Diseases - Survey Statistics

Prevention of Oral Diseases

Find out which is the most important component of dental prevention, what is most difficult and what was done in the past 12 months. See if dental disease awareness campaigns are noticed. Also see who bears the largest financial burden of check-ups and cleanings.

Dental savings & discounts - Survey Statistics

Dental savings & discounts

See if people agree with the statements "The offers and promotions involving oral care products save a substantial amount of money.", or that "Dental deals help me prevent issues with my teeth and gums". Find out which option for reducing dental costs is considered the best one overall, and what factors might motivate people to use various options for reducing dental costs.

Sensitive Teeth - Survey Statistics

Sensitive Teeth

See how sensitive teeth are best described, what is the worst about the condition and how it affects a person's life. Find out how many people have the condition, in what situations it is felt the most and how they typically manage it.

Oral Infections - Survey Statistics

Oral Infections

Find out what people believe is the cause of oral infections, the symptoms that suggest such problems and the best responses to these conditions. Also, see how many people have ever had some of the more prevalent oral infections.

Root Canal (Re)Treatment - Survey Statistics

Root Canal (Re)Treatment

See if people agree that getting ot not getting root canals causes various health issues. Find out what dentists consider sufficient to decide for or against the treatment and on the other hand, what the main reason for the patients is. See also if people were awake or asleep during their last treatment and if any of their other treatments needed to be redone

20 Questions: Oral Hygiene - Survey Statistics

20 Questions: Oral Hygiene

Brushing, flossing, rinsing... Are those really the basics of proper oral hygiene? Do people think that brushing more often or harder makes your teeth healthier? Or that flossing is overrated? See statistics on the topic and check our blog for a myth-busting article.

Relationships & Oral Health - Survey Statistics

Relationships & Oral Health

Find out if which relationships contribute to good oral health the most, how partners help us to maintain our good oral health and how our oral health affects our intimate relationships and our random acquaintances.

Self-Esteem & Oral Health - Survey Statistics

Self-Esteem & Oral Health

Find out if dental issues get in the way self-esteem and what cosmetic dental treatment would increase self-esteem the most.

Oral Health Education in Schools - Survey Statistics

Oral Health Education in Schools

Find out if people have had oral care education in school, how the information was presented and what topics were covered. Also, see if the ideal oral care education in school should be mandatory, how the information should be presented and what topics should be covered.

First Impression of a Dental Office - Survey Statistics

First Impression of a Dental Office

Find out if people get their first impressions of dental offices online or offline. See how important it is for dental offices to create a good first impression and what is most important in creating one.

Home Remedies - Survey Statistics

Home Remedies

Find out what types of home remedies are used and what the main reason to use them is. See which dental issues respond best to each type of home remedy.

How do you brush? - Survey Statistics

How do you brush?

How do people actually clean their teeth? How long do they brush and with what type of toothbrush? What kind of toothpaste or alternative fo they use? And what about flossing, or using mouthwash, or alternatives? How different is people's typical oral care routine from their ideal one?

Worst Dental Experiences - Survey Statistics

Worst Dental Experiences

Find out what people think is the worst dental experience and what the best reaction to it. Also, see what are the worst dental experiences that have actually happened and what were their psychological consequences.

Choice of Oral Care Products - Survey Statistics

Choice of Oral Care Products

Find out if people buy their own oral care products and what factors matter in choosing toothbrushes and toothpaste. See what brands of toothbrush and toothpaste people use the most.


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