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We believe that the dental market research data we collect can be very useful to dental professionals, suppliers, manufacturers, health media, and anyone who is somehow involved in the dental industry. That’s why we share our carefully selected survey results for free. The Blockchain technology behind DentaVox ensures the authenticity and actuality of the dental statistics presented.

Featured Stats
Digital Smile Design - Survey Statistics

Digital Smile Design

Find out if people are aware of digital smile design and what they consider its main purpose. See how patients imagine the decision of what smile re-design to get, and if people have seen a digital after picture of their smile, and much more.

Emergency Dental Care - Survey Statistics

Emergency Dental Care

Find out how common the need for emergency dental care is, what the most common reason is and where it should ideally be given. See how it compares to planned dental care on cost and quality, and much more.

What Is It Like Being a Dentist? - Survey Statistics

What Is It Like Being a Dentist?

Find out what being a dentist is imagined to be - is it desired, what is the most common reason, whish students tend to become dentists, and which skills dentists need the most.

Dentists in Advertisements: Yes or No? - Survey Statistics

Dentists in Advertisements: Yes or No?

Find out which dentist's recommendation people would trust the most & what is considered the least ethical way of dentists taking part in ads. Find out which dentists are seen as most trustworthy in oral hygiene product ads and much more.

Botox & Fillers in Dentistry - Survey Statistics

Botox & Fillers in Dentistry

Find out if facial aesthetic treatments are popular, which are most common, and if people've had any. See what the most common reason to get some is, who is expected to perform these and if dentists should be allowed to do them, and more.

Dairy Products & Oral Health - Survey Statistics

Dairy Products & Oral Health

Find out if people have ever broken any bones or are lactose intolerant. See if they've consumed dairy products and which ones were most often had in childhood or adulthood, as well as the main reason to currently have such products.

20 Questions: Sensitive Teeth - Survey Statistics

20 Questions: Sensitive Teeth

Is tooth sensitivity an issue to worry about? Or is it normal for everyone's teeth to hurt when biting into cold and hot foods? Are sensitive teeth always a sign of tooth decay? See people's views on 20 popular notions on the topic.

Oral Health in the Classroom - Survey Statistics

Oral Health in the Classroom

Find out if schools attended, either primary or secondary, offer any dental care. See what food pupils eat at school & how healthy it is. FInd out what oral hygiene steps children take at school, if they smoke or drink, and much more.

Oral Health Conspiracies (or Not?) - Survey Statistics

Oral Health Conspiracies (or Not?)

Find out if people believe in health conspiracy theories - water fluoridation, 5G networks, dentists benefiting from people's health issues, and more. Also, see which source of oral care guidance is seen as most trustworthy.

Drinking Water & Oral Health - Survey Statistics

Drinking Water & Oral Health

Find out how people describe their fluid intake, the type of water they typically drink, its temperature, the differences between cold and warm days. See what is perceived as the greatest benefit of drinking water, and much more.

Bone Graft - Survey Statistics

Bone Graft

In what situations is bone graft needed? Which dental professionals are qualified to perform it? What materials should be used to guarantee good results? See patients' answers to these and more questions.

Is Your Bathroom Eco-Friendly? - Survey Statistics

Is Your Bathroom Eco-Friendly?

Find out how well people understand the concept of eco-friendly and what they consider most important for this lifestyle. Explore the challenges to making a bathroom eco-friendly and how eco-friendly are the oral care products they use.

Speech Therapy - Survey Statistics

Speech Therapy

Find out if speech therapy is common, which speech disorders are most common, when is it most useful and in which age group is it most effective. See how people expect it relates to oral treatments and if they have ever had any.

Online Appointment Schedulers - Survey Statistics

Online Appointment Schedulers

Find out the greatest advantage & disadvantage of online booking of dentist's appointments, and if people have done it. See where people ideally would book such appointments online and how likely they are to do this in the next year, and much more.

20 Questions: Dentures - Survey Statistics

20 Questions: Dentures

Are all dentures removable? Does wearing dentures mean not eating your favorite foods again? Are dentures only for the elderly? Do they require special care? We explored people's awareness on 20 popular notions about dentures. See the results.

Do You Have a Sweet Tooth? - Survey Statistics

Do You Have a Sweet Tooth?

Find out how people describe their health and added sugar consumption in the past year. Also, find out the greatest drawback of added sugars, their effect on health, why they are considered dangerous to oral health, and much more.

Overweight & Oral Health - Survey Statistics

Overweight & Oral Health

Find out if overweight is a problem in people's countries, its major cause, the risk for oral diseases, and its most negative influence on life. Find out how people describe their weight and if they've ever been overweight / obese (and why not).

The Ideal Dental Waiting Room - Survey Statistics

The Ideal Dental Waiting Room

Find out how people imagine the ideal dental waiting room - from the most relevant gadgets, technologies & relaxation options to its size, color, lighting, smell, sounds, number of people and ways to occupy oneself.

Complaints About Dental Practices - Survey Statistics

Complaints About Dental Practices

Find out which complaint about dental practices is most common and which - serious. See how many complaints would drive people away from a dental practice and who / what means of communication they trust more.

Diabetes & Oral Health - Survey Statistics

Diabetes & Oral Health

For both type 1 and 2 diabetics, find out what creates most difficulties and how increased their risk for oral diseases. In regards to dental care, see if they need special considerations and what is the hardest. Find out which Type 1 diabetes treatment is most effective and which type of diabetes has the most negative effect on oral health.

Genetics & Oral Health - Survey Statistics

Genetics & Oral Health

Find out how people see the importance of genes / biological sex / continents for oral health. See which aspect of oral health is most dependent on genes. Finally, see which generation in people's families has the best oral health and why.

Dental Treatment Costs - Survey Statistics

Dental Treatment Costs

Find out what people think about dental costs - what treatments would contribute the most to good health, which are the least widely available, what costs the most, how much do fillings and implants cost vs. their ideal cost, and the ideal monthly premium for a full coverage private insurance.

Do You Listen to Your Mouth? - Survey Statistics

Do You Listen to Your Mouth?

Find out how people see the connection between their oral and general health. See which oral health issues are seen as signs for general problems, and which ones. See also what general illnesses oral health issues may lead to. Find out people's plans for the timeframe of treating their next oral health issue.

What Are Your Summer Habits? - Survey Statistics

What Are Your Summer Habits?

Find out how people evaluate summer life vs. the other months of the year. Also, see how they compare their summer activities to the other times of the year.

20 Questions: Wisdom Teeth - Survey Statistics

20 Questions: Wisdom Teeth

Do all people have wisdom teeth? Do they serve any purpose or do they only cause discomfort and misalignment of the other teeth? Is extraction always the best solution? We explored the awareness of twenty popular wisdom teeth notions. See the results.

Dental Care During Epidemic - Survey Statistics

Dental Care During Epidemic

Find out what people evaluate as the greatest positive / negative effect of the COVID-19 pandemic of early 2020. Discover how people see their life with it, if they canceled any planned consultations / treatments and if they went to a dentist, or why they didn't go.

Interdental Brushes - Survey Statistics

Interdental Brushes

Find out what the greatest strengths / weaknesses of interdental brushes are and if dentists recommend them. For those who use them, see how they picked their 1st brush, if they currently use one, what brand they use, how often, and how.

Jaw Popping - Survey Statistics

Jaw Popping

Find out if people are engaged in behaviors that may lead to jaw popping. See in what situations they expect it to happen, if they believe it needs treatment (and what). See if they ever had a popping jaw and how they last treated it.

Lies We Tell the Dentist - Survey Statistics

Lies We Tell the Dentist

Find out how common it is to lie to one's dentist and the main reason to do it. See if people expect their dentists to catch the lie and what is the easiest way. See what people lie about and how they usually feel when doing it.

Your Dentist's Waiting Room - Survey Statistics

Your Dentist's Waiting Room

Find out what is the most important function of dental waiting rooms, and their best vibe. See how people describe the waiting rooms of their dentists, if they talk to other patients (and about what), and what they do (including oral hygiene).

Diastema (Tooth Gap) - Survey Statistics

Diastema (Tooth Gap)

Find out what people think about tooth gaps or diastema - what is its best description, the most common cause, should it be treated and when is best time to do so. See how many people have diastema, or have had one.

Dental Fillings - Survey Statistics

Dental Fillings

Find out what dental fillings are considered the best / worst & why. See if people have had any, and what types; when they got their 1st one, and how many they currently have. Also, see what option to dealing with tooth decay they'd choose now.

20 Questions: Braces - Survey Statistics

20 Questions: Braces

Are braces only for kids? Are they always painful and uncomfortable? Can every family dentist straighten your teeth? Do orthodontic treatments take years? We explored the awareness of the most popular notions about braces! See the results.

Laser Dentistry - Survey Statistics

Laser Dentistry

Find out how people think of laser dentistry, what are its greatest advantages and disadvantages. See whether people have had such care and how satisfied they are. See why they think it's not more popular and what they'd choose now - laser or drill.

Oral Care for Animals - Survey Statistics

Oral Care for Animals

Do animals need oral care? What about teeth brushing? Or dental treatment? See what people do or don't do to help their animals enjoy good oral health.

Small Gestures by Dentists - Survey Statistics

Small Gestures by Dentists

Do dentists make small gestures to patients? Do they congratulate them on their birthdays? Or on public holidays? Do they make any special discounts? Do they invite patients to events? And if not - would patients like this personal touch?

Salivary Diagnostics - Survey Statistics

Salivary Diagnostics

Find out what people think about salivary diagnostics - where is it most useful, what conditions can it diagnose, its place for check-ups. See how the accuracy of these tests compares to other tests in people's minds and if people have had any.

Public vs. Private Dental Care - Survey Statistics

Public vs. Private Dental Care

Find out how people see private vs. public dental care - for whom are they most suitable, where do they perform the best / worst, what are the expectations for the future, and how do they fare in direct comparison.

Dental Treatment Plans - Survey Statistics

Dental Treatment Plans

Find out how people describe dental treatments, their status on ever receiving one & what would be a reason to accept one. See more detail on their last plan, such as diagnostic tools used, manner of presentation, treatment alternatives, etc.

Mobile Dental Care - Survey Statistics

Mobile Dental Care

Find out how mobile and in-office dental care compare in people's minds. See what people think about mobile dental care and if it's available where they live. Find out if they have used any and if not, why.

20 Questions: Food & Teeth - Survey Statistics

20 Questions: Food & Teeth

Food gives our bodies the needed energy. But which foods keep our teeth healthy and which ones affect them negatively? We explored the awareness of people on popular myths and facts on the topic. See the results and follow our blog for more!

Dentist Ads - Survey Statistics

Dentist Ads

Find out what dentist ad functions people value the most & how much they'd trust a dentist found through ads. See if people have ever encountered dentists ads & what the most liked one is like. Find out if their last / regular dentist advertises themselves & in what media.

Saliva - Survey Statistics


Find out what people think about saliva's importance. See if too much saliva or too little is considered the lesser evil, and what problems people've had & what strategied they've used to deal with them.

Metal & PFM Crowns - Survey Statistics

Metal & PFM Crowns

Find out what people think of all-metal and PFM crowns, if they have had any and how likely are they to get a new one in the next 5 years.

What's the Best Toothbrush? - Survey Statistics

What's the Best Toothbrush?

Find out what toothbrushes people use - the bristles, material. See what toothbrushes they consider the best - the type, material and bristles.

Oral Microbiome & Probiotics - Survey Statistics

Oral Microbiome & Probiotics

Find out what people think about the oral microbiome, the sings of its balance / imbalance & the strategies tkeep it healthy. See what strategies they have used. Find out what people think of probiotics, in foods & supplements, and if they have used any.

Dental Visits vs. Other Experiences - Survey Statistics

Dental Visits vs. Other Experiences

What would people choose: Going to the dentist or 2-hour intense gym workout? Going to the dentist or cleaning the entire house? Going to the dentist or not using Facebook for a week? See how (un)pleasant are dental visits.

Breath Fresheners - Survey Statistics

Breath Fresheners

Find out which breath fresheners are considered the best / worst and in which situations a freshener should be used. See what fresheners people use most often and which foods, candy / mints, essential oils, and liquids they typically use.

Tongue Cleaning - Survey Statistics

Tongue Cleaning

Find out what people think about tongue cleaning - should it be done, with what (and for tongue scrapers, what material they should be). On the other hand, see if people actually do it and why.

Drugs, Alcohol & Oral Health - Survey Statistics

Drugs, Alcohol & Oral Health

Find out what people think about dental patients who get services / treatments under the influence of drugs / alcohol, what the benefits / problems might be and what the dentist should do. See it people have been in these situations and why.


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