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We believe that the dental market research data we collect can be very useful to dental professionals, suppliers, manufacturers, health media, and anyone who is somehow involved in the dental industry. That’s why we share our carefully selected survey results for free. The Blockchain technology behind DentaVox ensures the authenticity and actuality of the dental statistics presented.

Featured Stats
Dentists: Expectations vs. Reality - Survey Statistics

Dentists: Expectations vs. Reality

Find out what people expect from the dental office and treatment and how that is matched by reality.

First Dental Memories - Survey Statistics

First Dental Memories

Find out what people's earliest memories about their teeth are, and how pleasant. See what people's earliest memories about their growing teeth are, about dental visits and the guidance on brushing teeth they've received.

Dental Care for LGBTQ+ People - Survey Statistics

Dental Care for LGBTQ+ People

Find out how people imagine LGBTQ+ dental patients and their dental needs. See how they evaluate the oral health of these patients and the quality of care they should receive and the one they currently get.

What Is More Attractive? - Survey Statistics

What Is More Attractive?

Find out what is considered attractive - in general and specifically for men & women.

The Health of Traders - Survey Statistics

The Health of Traders

Find out what people think about traders' health - who has most health issues, which ones are most common. Find out about the trading behaviors of people and how they influence their oral health, drinking alcohol, weight, number of natural teeth, and more.

20 Questions: Root Canal Treatment - Survey Statistics

20 Questions: Root Canal Treatment

Is extracting a tooth better than getting a root canal treatment? Is root canal always related to pain? Does this treatment really cause future illnesses? We explored people's awareness of popular notions on the topic.

Attitudes Towards Hollywood Smiles - Survey Statistics

Attitudes Towards Hollywood Smiles

Find out how people imagine Hollywood smiles - are they natural or the result of dental treatments, what their advantages / disadvantages are, how affordable are they, how they influence people's lives, etc. See if people are likely to get one, & more.

Antibiotic Resistance - Survey Statistics

Antibiotic Resistance

Find out if antibiotic resistance is considered a serious global health issue and what the main cause is. See which fields and treatments will most likely be hit the hardest by an increase in antibiotic resistance, and much more.

Healthcare Policies - Survey Statistics

Healthcare Policies

Find out what people think the best government policies about healthcare are and how healthcare is managed in their countries of living.

Do You Know Your Mouth? - Survey Statistics

Do You Know Your Mouth?

Find out how people evaluate their knowledge of their oral health - how they'll check the number of their natural teeth or untreated cavities. See who in the household is responsible for keeping track of their dental appointments and oral health.

Your Dentist's Assistant - Survey Statistics

Your Dentist's Assistant

Find out how people imagine the job of dental assistants - its importance, greatest benefits, and more. See what the best dental assistants look like, if current dentists have one and if people would choose a dentist with an assistant.

DentaVox Blog - Survey Statistics

DentaVox Blog

Find out the main reason for maintaining professional blogs, and the importance of research results. About DentaVox, see how many have visited the blog, their reason for first visit, visit frequency, typical activities, and much more.

Religion In the Dental Office - Survey Statistics

Religion In the Dental Office

Find out what people think about oral health & religions and if dentist skills depend on religious views; or if religion has a place in the dental office. See how people describe their religious views & its importance for their oral health.

20 Questions: Men's Oral Health - Survey Statistics

20 Questions: Men's Oral Health

"Men are from Mars, women are from Venus" - how does this influence oral health? Are men more or less serious about their dental care? How do testosterone levels affect their teeth? See people's opinions and follow our blog for results.

Dental Notifications & Reminders - Survey Statistics

Dental Notifications & Reminders

Find out what people think about the usefulness of dental notifications for managing oral health, who needs them the most, who should set them up for patients, and more. See if people have received or set up any dental notifications themselves.

Online Health Blogs - Survey Statistics

Online Health Blogs

Find out the main reason to read online blogs and which topics are best suited for blogging. See if online blogs about oral health are read in case of problems or in general, which topics are best suited for such blogs and much more.

Yellow Teeth - Survey Statistics

Yellow Teeth

Find out what people think of yellow teeth - what causes them, what it hints about the person / their social status; what the best prevention is. See if people have had yellow teeth, how they feel about that & if they have tried reversing them.

Health on the Phone - Survey Statistics

Health on the Phone

Find out what the greatest benefit / disadvantage of using smartphones for health-related tasks is. See if people use their phones in such ways and how they use them for sports, health parameters, weight / diet, and making appointments.

Oral Health in Winter Times - Survey Statistics

Oral Health in Winter Times

Find out how people evaluate life during the winter vs. the other months of the year. Also, see how they compare their winter habits & activities to the other times of the year.

Aging & Appearance - Survey Statistics

Aging & Appearance

Find out what it means for the elderly to be good-looking & how important that is. See how the face changes the most with age. Find out what the most effective anti-aging strategy, incl. dental treatments, and if people regularly practice any.

Sinusitis - Survey Statistics


Find out if sinusitis is considered a serious condition & with what life areas it interferes. See which symptom most clearly points to this diagnosis & what the most effective treatment is. See which oral health issue most often causes it, and much more.

20 Questions: Dental Fillings - Survey Statistics

20 Questions: Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are among the most standard dental treatments. Are they always uncomfortable? Can they be made of gold? Are amalgam fillings dangerous? See people's opinions about popular myths and facts on the topic.

Your 2021 Health Resolutions - Survey Statistics

Your 2021 Health Resolutions

Find out what people think about New Year resolutions - what their goals are, who makes more and what is most difficult to do. See if people made any resolutions for 2021, and what they plan for healthy eating and doctor / lab visits.

Oral Health Summary 2020 - Survey Statistics

Oral Health Summary 2020

Respondents made a recapitulation of their oral health and lifestyle habits in 2020. Did they visit the dentist regularly? Did their home oral hygiene routine changed? What's the most positive lifestyle habit they adopted? See our up-to-date statistics.

Chewing Gum - Survey Statistics

Chewing Gum

Find out what the most positive / negative effects of chewing gum on people's health are, and if a daily habit is healthy. See if people chew gum, and if they do / did, what ingredients they prefer and if they had any negative side effects.

Antibiotics & Oral Health - Survey Statistics

Antibiotics & Oral Health

Find out the greatest benefits / risks of antibiotics and which conditions should be treated with them. Find out their importance in dentistry and when they are needed. See if people have taken any to treat / prevent oral infections.

Tooth Loss & Social Status - Survey Statistics

Tooth Loss & Social Status

Find out what people think about tooth loss & social status. See what the effect of birth year, marital status, job positions is, & which is the most significant social factor. Find out how people see their own status & number of missing teeth.

Gluten & Oral Health - Survey Statistics

Gluten & Oral Health

Find out how gluten consumption relates to people's health, its most negative effect and what health issues it is most likely to cause. See how often it is consumed in childhood and adulthood, as what products, and much more.

Masks & Oral Health - Survey Statistics

Masks & Oral Health

Find out the greatest advantage and disadvantage of wearing a face mask and what, if any, general / oral health issues will that most likely cause. See if people wear masks during respiratory disease outbreaks and during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dental Aftercare - Survey Statistics

Dental Aftercare

Find out if dental aftercare is important for the success of dental treatments, when such instructions should be given & how. See what care should ideally be done after a few common treatments and if dentists have actualy recommended any.

20 Questions: Diets & Teeth - Survey Statistics

20 Questions: Diets & Teeth

Keto diet is indeed a trend. So is intermittent fasting. But how do these and other famous diets influence our teeth? Is it true that veganism is dangerous for oral health? See people's opinions about popular notions on the topic.

Family Dentists - Survey Statistics

Family Dentists

Find out the importance of having a family dentist, its greatest benefits & drawbacks. See how people imagine these professionals & their qualifications. Find out if nowadays it is more common to have this dentist & if people currently have one.

3D Technologies in Dentistry - Survey Statistics

3D Technologies in Dentistry

Find out how well aware of 3D dental technologies people are, what its greatest advantage is, how common it is, people's experience with it, and how easy it will be for dentists to start using such technologies (more), and many others.

Dairy Alternatives & Oral Health - Survey Statistics

Dairy Alternatives & Oral Health

Find out how people evaluate the health effects of dairy product alternatives and what they think the healthiest base for them is. See how many people have ever consumed or are currently consuming such products, and much more.

Dental Photography - Survey Statistics

Dental Photography

Find out how the ideal dental photographs should be taken and what dentists most need photographs for. Find out who should have a copy of these photographs after they are taken, and how people feel when seeing a dental photograph.

Video Introductions of Dental Practices - Survey Statistics

Video Introductions of Dental Practices

Find out how common it is for dental practices to have video introductions and why they have them. See what the ideal manner of presenting the practice in its video introduction is, what information about it should be included, and much more.

Mouthwash - Survey Statistics


Find out the greatest strength of mouthwash, its ideal users and the oral health issues that should lead to its use. See if people currently use mouthwash, their main reason to do it, how many times a day & when relative to brushing teeth.

Meat & Oral Health - Survey Statistics

Meat & Oral Health

Find out how meat consumption, excl. fish, relates to people's health. See what is the typical way of eating meat in childhood and in what case should people ideally stop eating meat.

20 Questions: Toothpaste - Survey Statistics

20 Questions: Toothpaste

Do you really need toothpaste to clean your teeth, or is water enough? Is fluoride harmful or helpful to your oral health? Is children's toothpaste just a marketing gimmick? We explored people's awareness on popular toothpaste myths and facts. See the results.

Dental Associations - Survey Statistics

Dental Associations

Find out how people see the role of healthcare / dental associations - their usefulness in promoting public interests, main role, greatest beneficiary. See if people are aware of these associations, if they have seen any of their activities & more.

Tooth Erosion - Survey Statistics

Tooth Erosion

Find out some common beliefs about tooth erosion, what the most common reason for it is, who is at greatest risk for it and if it can be prevented. See if people have this condition, or suspect they may do, & what its first signs were.

Gender Stereotypes in Dental Care - Survey Statistics

Gender Stereotypes in Dental Care

We explored people's opinions about popular gender stereotypes regarding oral health and dental care. See if they think that men or women have healthier teeth, make better dentists, and more curious comparisons.

Distractions in the Dental Chair - Survey Statistics

Distractions in the Dental Chair

Find out the greatest advantage of distractions is the dental chair, which type of patients needs them most, which are the best options for adults / children, and if people have used any.

What Makes a Loyal Patient? - Survey Statistics

What Makes a Loyal Patient?

Find out what the greatest benefits of loyal customers are & which industries have the greatest share of loyal customers. About dentists, see which have most loyal patients, what the main reasons for loyalty or its discontinuation are, & more.

Patient Questionnaire at the Dentist - Survey Statistics

Patient Questionnaire at the Dentist

Find out what is seen as the main purpose of dental patient questionnaires & how needed they are. See which their most important part is and how they can be done most conveniently. Find out if people have filled out any and much more.

General Dentists vs. Specialists - Survey Statistics

General Dentists vs. Specialists

Find out how people see the role of general vs. specialist dentists - the associations with these dentists, in which cases they can replace each other, if patients seek confirmation of their recommendations, and how they compare directly.

Where Should Your Dentist Be? - Survey Statistics

Where Should Your Dentist Be?

Find out which dentist locations are ideal. Also, see what means of traveling and travel times are seen as best. Find out if patients would travel to another town / city for dental treatments, how long the travel should be, & in what way.

Refer-a-Friend Programs - Survey Statistics

Refer-a-Friend Programs

Find out in which industry refer-a-friend programs are most popular & which channels and means are used most often. See if people have had experience with such programs, in general and specifically for dental services, and much more.

DentaVox: Use and Effects - Survey Statistics

DentaVox: Use and Effects

How often do DentaVox respondents take new surveys? Do they use any other DentaVox features like statistics or polls? What is the effect of using DentaVox on their oral hygiene? Find our interesting statistics on the topic.

20 Questions: General vs. Oral Health - Survey Statistics

20 Questions: General vs. Oral Health

Can oral health issues lead to serious general health problems? Do systemic diseases have manifestations in the mouth? Are strokes or heart attacks related to mouth infections? See what people think about the most popular myths and facts on the topic.


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