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We believe that the dental market research data we collect can be very useful to dental professionals, suppliers, manufacturers, health media, and anyone who is somehow involved in the dental industry. That’s why we share our carefully selected survey results for free. The Blockchain technology behind DentaVox ensures the authenticity and actuality of the dental statistics presented.

Featured Stats
Maxillofacial Surgery (NEW) - Survey Statistics

Maxillofacial Surgery (NEW)

Find out if what people think about maxillofacial surgeons, how patients find them and when it is most commonly done. See if people have consulted such specialists, why not and if yes, what for. See if patients have undergone such surgery.

Sweeteners vs. Sugar - Survey Statistics

Sweeteners vs. Sugar

Find out how people see sugar and natural / artificial sweeteners - which is healthiest, most teeth friendly, which types are most dangerous to oral health, and more. See if people have consumed any sweeteners and what their oral health is.

The Dental Drill - Survey Statistics

The Dental Drill

Find out what people associate with "dentist" and "dental drill", and how unpleasant drills are. See what the greatest advantages of dental drills and alternatives are. Find out which tooth decay treatment option has the greatest potential.

Men's Oral Health - Survey Statistics

Men's Oral Health

Find out if men are predisposed to more oral health problems & which oral health issues are more common among them. See what the greatest risk factors for men's oral health are and if men can afford dental care more easily than women, and more.

What's In Your Bag? - Survey Statistics

What's In Your Bag?

Find out how often people are estimated to go out with a handbag / backpack and who carries one more often. See which items in general and which oral care products people typically carry with them & the main reason to have oral care products.

Ice Cream & Teeth - Survey Statistics

Ice Cream & Teeth

Find out how people evaluate the current ice cream consumption. See how they describe the ideal ice cream's sweetness, its greatest benefit & drawback. Find out how healthy eating ice cream is in general and to oral health, and much more.

20 Questions: Bad Breath - Survey Statistics

20 Questions: Bad Breath

Is bad breath only caused by food? Can chewing gum eliminate unpleasant mouth odor permanently? Is it possible for a person to check on their own breath? Check people's views on popular notions about bad breath and follow our blog for analysis.

Ideal Parents Do This... - Survey Statistics

Ideal Parents Do This...

Find out in which life area is the influence of ideal parents the strongest, how important they are for children's health and which strategies are the best. More specifically, see what ideal parents do about different health areas.

Space Maintainers (NEW) - Survey Statistics

Space Maintainers (NEW)

Find out which age group needs space maintainers the most, in which situations they are needed, what the most common reason to get one is & the greatest problem when wearing one. See if people have needed one & what has happened afterwards.

Movies' Effect on Mental Health - Survey Statistics

Movies' Effect on Mental Health

Find out how movies influence mental health - what topics are most often shown, how it affects viewers, what is movies' greatest drawback. See how people with mental health issues are portrayed - their smiles, their oral health, and much more.


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