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We believe that the dental market research data we collect can be very useful to dental professionals, suppliers, manufacturers, health media, and anyone who is somehow involved in the dental industry. That’s why we share our carefully selected survey results for free. The Blockchain technology behind DentaVox ensures the authenticity and actuality of the dental statistics presented.

Featured Stats
Children's Oral Health - Survey Statistics

Children's Oral Health

Find out the age up to which people believe they should brush a child's teeth and how often parents use sweets as a reward. Also, see if children brush their teeth by themselves, how often they visit a dentist, and how many cavities they currently have.

Eating Disorders and Dental Health - Survey Statistics

Eating Disorders and Dental Health

See how often people engage in physical activities. Find out the prevalence of eating disorders among respondents and in their close social circle, whether those with eating disorders have visited a dentist in relation to the disorder and whether they were prescribed a nutritional plan.

Aging and Dental Health - Survey Statistics

Aging and Dental Health

Find out what phrase best describes the people aged 55-75 and how people evaluate their oral health. Also, see what share of the respondents have considered cosmetic surgery or orthodontic treatment to mitigate the effects of aging.

Access to Dental Care - Survey Statistics

Access to Dental Care

Find out what kind of dental services and facilities people around the world normally use; what kind of problems they face when looking for dental help; and what alternatives to dental treatment they resort to.

Dental Veneers - Survey Statistics

Dental Veneers

Find out how many people have dental veneers, how they feel about them and how they perceive their cost. Also, learn how often people have their teeth/veneers professionally cleaned and how often they brush teeth after consuming acidic foods/drinks.

Cavities in Adults - Survey Statistics

Cavities in Adults

Find out how people evaluate the oral hygiene guidance they have received as children, whether they use homemade oral care products, and how much they spend on dental treatment per year. See how they have evaluated the healthfulness of their dietary habits and when they use sugar alternatives.

Maxillofacial Surgery - Survey Statistics

Maxillofacial Surgery

Find out what would stimulate people to seek a dentist and what would prevent them from seeking dental treatment in case of an injury to the face or mouth.

Space Maintainers - Survey Statistics

Space Maintainers

Find out what payment options people have for getting space maintainers for themselves or their family members, as well as the factors that would help them decide for getting one or against seeking a dentist in case of a child's missing tooth.

Dental Ethics - Survey Statistics

Dental Ethics

Find out how many respondents have experienced unethical behavior by their dentist and what part of them would report it. Also check what people think about dentists sharing other patients' cases and what percentage thinks that dentists are focused on money.

Dentist-Patient Relationship - Survey Statistics

Dentist-Patient Relationship

Check how many people around the world trust their dentist; how well informed they are to make decisions; whether they would see another dentist, as well as what percentage of patients have been misdiagnosed.


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