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We believe that the dental market research data we collect can be very useful to dental professionals, suppliers, manufacturers, health media, and anyone who is somehow involved in the dental industry. That’s why we share our carefully selected survey results for free. The Blockchain technology behind DentaVox ensures the authenticity and actuality of the dental statistics presented.

Featured Stats
Peer-to-Peer Dental Insurance - Survey Statistics

Peer-to-Peer Dental Insurance

Find out how people evaluate their awareness of peer-to-peer dental insurance. See how much people define peer-to-peer models as transparent, streamlined, affordable, and more...

Food habits & Oral health - Survey Statistics

Food habits & Oral health

Find out how important food is for oral health, how some specific foods are evaluated in terms of their healthfulness, are food choices affecting oral health, and many more interesting statistics on the topic.

Dental sealants for children - Survey Statistics

Dental sealants for children

Find out if dental sealants are perceived as safe and effective in preventing cavities. See how many children have dental sealants, what are the reasons for getting sealants, and how many teeth with sealants actually develop cavities.

DIY vs. Conventional Dental Care - Survey Statistics

DIY vs. Conventional Dental Care

Find out if Do-It-Yourself or conventional dentistry is associated with being safe and effective. See how many people have used DIY or conventional dentistry and their reasons to do so, and more interesting insights.

Smoking & Oral health - Survey Statistics

Smoking & Oral health

Find out how much negative influence smoking tobacco has on people's oral health, both smokers themselves and the others. See what dental problems smoking tobacco is perceived to cause, as well as the dental problems smokers have experienced since starting smoking tobacco. See how many people have ever smoked and what have the smokers, both current and ex, typically do to counter the negative effect of smoking on their oral health.

Dental tourism - Survey Statistics

Dental tourism

Find out how many people have traveled for dental treatment abroad and what their main reasons are. See how they decide what treatment to get and where they look for information in choosing their dentist. See what the barriers are to traveling abroad for dental tourism...

Wisdom Teeth: To Keep or Extract? - Survey Statistics

Wisdom Teeth: To Keep or Extract?

Find out the importance of preserving any wisdom teeth that may come out and how many wisdom teeth have been pulled out. For those who have wisdom teeth pulled out, find out when the first one was extracted.

Dental Insurance - Survey Statistics

Dental Insurance

Find out how people view public and private dental insurance options, if they have dental insurance, and if they had to choose now, what would be their preferences. See why they rely on private and public insurance plans, and what motivates them to get insured.

20 questions: Cavities - Survey Statistics

20 questions: Cavities

Can sugar-free drinks cause cavities? Are cavities contagious? Are brushing and flossing sufficient to fight cavities? Can acidic foods lead to cavities? Check key market insights on people's awareness of twenty popular myths and facts about cavities.

Online Dentist Reviews - Survey Statistics

Online Dentist Reviews

Online reviews by patients can make or break dentist's online reputation. Find the latest trends in patient's behavior related to reading reviews, trusting other patients feedback, and their own willingness to contribute. Check what are the most influencing aspects of a review.


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