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We believe that the dental market research data we collect can be very useful to dental professionals, suppliers, manufacturers, health media, and anyone who is somehow involved in the dental industry. That’s why we share our carefully selected survey results for free. The Blockchain technology behind DentaVox ensures the authenticity and actuality of the dental statistics presented.

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20 Questions: Teeth Whitening - Survey Statistics

20 Questions: Teeth Whitening

Modern dentistry has its means to help us achieve the pearly white smile of our dreams, and teeth whitening is among the most popular ones. It is surrounded by numerous myths, though. See what people know and think about teeth whitening.

Dental Abscess - Survey Statistics

Dental Abscess

Find out what people believe is the cause of dental abscesses, the symptoms that are associated with the condition and the best responses to having an abscess. For those who have had a tooth abscess, see what they think caused it and how they treated it.

Baby Teeth Traditions - Survey Statistics

Baby Teeth Traditions

Tooth fairies, mouses, bunnies, squirrels... Many characters around the world are responsible for taking care of fallen baby teeth. Find out which are the most popular tooth collectors, what they do and what the rewards are for children.

Teledentistry - Survey Statistics


Check out people's awareness of teledentistry, their likelihood to use it and whether they have already used it. See how much people agree that teledentistry has benefits and should be covered by insurance. Also, find out which issues can best be handled in this way.

Dieting & Oral health - Survey Statistics

Dieting & Oral health

Find out how dieting affects oral health, and if people have ever dieted. Also, among those who have dieted, see how they take extra or worse care of their oral health when dieting.

Oral Care Awareness - Survey Statistics

Oral Care Awareness

What is the ideal oral care? How should teeth or the spaces between them be cleaned? What can the ideal toothpaste/alternative offer? How do childhood's ideals about oral care change? What informational materials in the dentist's office attract attention?

Stress & Oral Health - Survey Statistics

Stress & Oral Health

Find out how people evaluate the stressfulness of their life and how they change their oral care routine under stress.

Child-Dentist Relationship - Survey Statistics

Child-Dentist Relationship

How are parents involved in children's dental visits and up to what age should they be involved? Find out how parent's evaluate their child's dentist, what methods are used to calm children and how children are involved in their own treatment.

20 Questions: Pregnancy & Oral Care - Survey Statistics

20 Questions: Pregnancy & Oral Care

Are X-Rays forbidden during pregnancy? Are mother's food choices affecting the baby's oral health? Should pregnant women visit the dentist for check-ups? Find out what are the perceptions of people in regards to those popular notions about oral care during pregnancy.

Dental Health Assurance - Survey Statistics

Dental Health Assurance

Find out if people use dental assurance and what would motivate them to use it. See what is the awareness of Dentacoin Assurance, the first peer-to-peer dental assurance option, and how important some key Dentacoin features are.


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