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Featured Stats
Calcium & Teeth - Survey Statistics

Calcium & Teeth

Find out the best source of calcium, who is most commonly deficient and if deficiency causes any oral health issues. See how people's stress levels, diet and having ever broken bones relate to their ever having had calcium deficiency, and more.

How Do You Store Your Toothbrush? - Survey Statistics

How Do You Store Your Toothbrush?

Find out how many toothbrushes people currently have, and for those who have at least one - how they most often store it: in which room, where, in what kind of box and how often they store it covered and with wet bristles.

If I Were a Dentist... - Survey Statistics

If I Were a Dentist...

Find out how people imagine themselves as dentists - how they'd find new patients, if they'd treat for free patients without money, if they'd use Dentacoin apps or accept cryptocurrencies, if they'd focus on treatment or prevention, and more.

Neem Use in Dental Care - Survey Statistics

Neem Use in Dental Care

Find out if people are aware of the use of neem in dental care, what its best health use is, and its greatest health benefits / risks are. See if people have used it, what products they've used and what benefits they've experienced.

Health & Demographics - Survey Statistics

Health & Demographics

Find out which demographic factor is the most important for good health and how demographics contribute to good health. See the influence of some demographic factors on oral health, and more.

20 Questions: Tooth Enamel - Survey Statistics

20 Questions: Tooth Enamel

Is tooth enamel the hardest substance in the body? Can it really regenerate itself? Does saliva strengthen enamel? We explored people's views on popular notions about tooth enamel. See the results and follow our blog to compare with experts' findings.

Vitamins - Survey Statistics


Find out which vitamin is most important for the functioning of the human body & oral health, and which one people lack most often. See which diets put people most at risk and which body systems suffer the most when vitamins are deficient, and more.

Salt Toothpaste - Survey Statistics

Salt Toothpaste

Find out what the greatest advantage / disadvantage of salt toothpaste is and it it is healthy overall. See if people have used it on a regular basis to brush their teeth and if they will most likely buy one when next purchasing toothpaste.

Fasting and (Oral) Health - Survey Statistics

Fasting and (Oral) Health

Find out who fasts the most by sex, weight or health status. See how healthy fasting is, which body system benefits the most, its greatest risk and most common complication. Find out its benefits / risks for oral health, and much more.

What Happens Next? - Survey Statistics

What Happens Next?

Find out the most common negative consequences of patients skipping health appointments / treatments both for them & dentists. See what (bad things) happen next if people don't brush their teeth, treat tooth decay or accept anesthetic, and more.

Astrology & Dentistry - Survey Statistics

Astrology & Dentistry

Find out when the good alignment of the stars is the most important, which zodiac sign has the best oral health or neglects prevention the most. See what zodiac signs people are and how that affects their health, and much more.

Is Sun Good for Teeth? - Survey Statistics

Is Sun Good for Teeth?

Find out the most positive / negative effect of sun exposure on people's health and the best way to protect oneself. See when people should protect their teeth from the sun, and if they have gotten them sunburned, and more.

Serious or Not? - Survey Statistics

Serious or Not?

Find out what people see as their most serious current challenge. See what is considered a serious life situation and what is most critical for a serious health situation. See how losing all teeth compares to other situations, and more.

20 Questions: Coffee and (Oral) Health - Survey Statistics

20 Questions: Coffee and (Oral) Health

Is coffee good or bad for general health? Does it soften or strengthen the tooth enamel? Can drinking coffee with a straw prevent teeth discoloration? See what people think on the topic and follow our blog for experts' opinions!

Wrong Diagnosis - Survey Statistics

Wrong Diagnosis

Find out the most important factor for correct diagnosing, and how serious wrong diagnoses are. See which conditions get most misdiagnosed, for which ones it is most important to get a correct diagnosis, and much more.

My Dentist = My Friend? - Survey Statistics

My Dentist = My Friend?

Find out the importance of first impressions when choosing a new dentist, see if people prefer to be treated by someone they know personally or of they will trust them the most. See if patients have become friends with their dentists, and more.

Travel Health Insurance - Survey Statistics

Travel Health Insurance

Find out the importance of travel insurance for travelers, when they should ideally have one and how much should it cost. See if people take out such insurance when traveling, how often, if they have filed any claims, and more.

Celebrities' Dental Care - Survey Statistics

Celebrities' Dental Care

Find out which area has most celebrities. Find out the importance of beautiful smiles for celebrities and the greatest risk factors for them. See how often celebrities whiten their teeth and which treatments improve their smiles, and much more.

Automated Communication at the Dentist - Survey Statistics

Automated Communication at the Dentist

Find out the greatest disadvantage of automated customer communications and which means customers find most annoying. See which industry will be least suited to use such systems, which tasks in dentistry will be best done with them, and more.

Social Media's Effect on Mental Health - Survey Statistics

Social Media's Effect on Mental Health

Find out how people connect mental health to social media - the content which is most discussed, which platform has the most negative influence. See if people have whitened their teeth as a result of social media usage, and much more.

Dental Photos with Children - Survey Statistics

Dental Photos with Children

Find out if it is ethical to show dental photos with children and what their advantages for children are. See how people imagine the ideal dental photos with children and what their experience with such photos is.

Coke & Teeth - Survey Statistics

Coke & Teeth

Find out how Coke consumption has changed in the past 10 years, why people have it and what its greatest benefit / drawback are. See which oral health problem Coke can lead to and which variety is most dangerous for oral health, and much more.

20 Questions: Lifestyle Habits & Teeth - Survey Statistics

20 Questions: Lifestyle Habits & Teeth

Is smokeless tobacco a more tooth-friendly option? Does alcohol really kill all bacteria in the mouth and thus eliminates dental plaque? Can poor oral health contribute to obesity? We explored the awareness of lifestyle habits influencing oral health.

Social Media's Influence on Beauty - Survey Statistics

Social Media's Influence on Beauty

Find out how people see the influence of social media on beauty - which media is most suitable for such content; what are the most positive / negative effects of social media on people's ideas & behaviors about beauty, and more.

Maxillofacial Surgery (NEW) - Survey Statistics

Maxillofacial Surgery (NEW)

Find out if what people think about maxillofacial surgeons, how patients find them and when it is most commonly done. See if people have consulted such specialists, why not and if yes, what for. See if patients have undergone such surgery.

Sweeteners vs. Sugar - Survey Statistics

Sweeteners vs. Sugar

Find out how people see sugar and natural / artificial sweeteners - which is healthiest, most teeth friendly, which types are most dangerous to oral health, and more. See if people have consumed any sweeteners and what their oral health is.

The Dental Drill - Survey Statistics

The Dental Drill

Find out what people associate with "dentist" and "dental drill", and how unpleasant drills are. See what the greatest advantages of dental drills and alternatives are. Find out which tooth decay treatment option has the greatest potential.

Men's Oral Health - Survey Statistics

Men's Oral Health

Find out if men are predisposed to more oral health problems & which oral health issues are more common among them. See what the greatest risk factors for men's oral health are and if men can afford dental care more easily than women, and more.

What's In Your Bag? - Survey Statistics

What's In Your Bag?

Find out how often people are estimated to go out with a handbag / backpack and who carries one more often. See which items in general and which oral care products people typically carry with them & the main reason to have oral care products.

Ice Cream & Teeth - Survey Statistics

Ice Cream & Teeth

Find out how people evaluate the current ice cream consumption. See how they describe the ideal ice cream's sweetness, its greatest benefit & drawback. Find out how healthy eating ice cream is in general and to oral health, and much more.

20 Questions: Bad Breath - Survey Statistics

20 Questions: Bad Breath

Is bad breath only caused by food? Can chewing gum eliminate unpleasant mouth odor permanently? Is it possible for a person to check on their own breath? Check people's views on popular notions about bad breath and follow our blog for analysis.

Ideal Parents Do This... - Survey Statistics

Ideal Parents Do This...

Find out in which life area is the influence of ideal parents the strongest, how important they are for children's health and which strategies are the best. More specifically, see what ideal parents do about different health areas.

Space Maintainers (NEW) - Survey Statistics

Space Maintainers (NEW)

Find out which age group needs space maintainers the most, in which situations they are needed, what the most common reason to get one is & the greatest problem when wearing one. See if people have needed one & what has happened afterwards.

Movies' Effect on Mental Health - Survey Statistics

Movies' Effect on Mental Health

Find out how movies influence mental health - what topics are most often shown, how it affects viewers, what is movies' greatest drawback. See how people with mental health issues are portrayed - their smiles, their oral health, and much more.

Retainers - Survey Statistics


Find out if all people should wear retainers after orthodontic treatments and which retainers / wearing patterns are considered the best. See retainers' greatest drawback and which relationship they impact the worst, and more.

Sugary Drinks & Oral Health - Survey Statistics

Sugary Drinks & Oral Health

Find out what people consider the ideal sugary cold drink, how it should be sweetened, why should it be consumed and when. See how healthy it is to have these, what their greatest drawback is and which one is the least healthy, and much more.

Leukoplakia Awareness & Experience - Survey Statistics

Leukoplakia Awareness & Experience

Find out how aware people are of leukoplakia, its cause, and relation to cancer risk. See if dentists have raised the topic or if people have had the issue or how likely it is to have it.

Dental Degree & Training - Survey Statistics

Dental Degree & Training

Find out how people describe the dentist training in their own country - its duration, forms of training, ways of practicing dental skills, offering treatments before graduation, the need for internship, greatest weaknesses and much more.

20 Questions: Dental Professions - Survey Statistics

20 Questions: Dental Professions

Can you work in the field of dentistry if you are not a dentist? Are dental assistant and dental hygienist the same thing? What is an endodontist? See what people know and think about popular notions on the topic "Dental Professions".

Oral Care Spending - Survey Statistics

Oral Care Spending

Find out which items are most important for people to afford, their greatest difficulty in managing their spending. See how much they've spent on key areas in the past 12 months.

Dental Guarantee - Survey Statistics

Dental Guarantee

Find out what a dental guarantee means & what treatments should have one. Find out the ideal dental guarantee lengths for different treatments & if they should require an extra fee. See what experience patients have with guarantees, and more.

Social Media's Effect on Physical Health - Survey Statistics

Social Media's Effect on Physical Health

Find out how people see the influence of social media on health - do people change anything about their health habits as a result of engaging with social media, how it influences health, how it presents good oral health, and much more.

Baby Habits & Teeth - Survey Statistics

Baby Habits & Teeth

Find out which baby oral habits are considered a danger to oral health, what problems they most commonly cause, and what parents' best strategy to eliminate these is. See if people have had such habits, and much more.

Fresh Juice & Oral Health - Survey Statistics

Fresh Juice & Oral Health

Find out what people think about the healthfulness of fresh juice - which types are the healthiest, what are the greatest benefits / drawbacks, how can the dangers be minimized. See what fresh juice is the most dangerous to teeth, and much more.

Vaccines - Survey Statistics


Find out what people think of vaccines - their safety and benefits, what they most worry about, which side effects are most acceptable, which vaccines - most dangerous. See how much they know specifically about oral health vaccines, and more.

Dental Anxiety Remedies - Survey Statistics

Dental Anxiety Remedies

Find out what people think about dental anxiety remedies - which are better, what their greatest advantage / drawback is, which is best for use during dental treatments, etc. See if people have used such remedies, and much more.

Movies' Influence on Beauty - Survey Statistics

Movies' Influence on Beauty

Find out how movies present female and male beauty and if they influence people to change their behaviors in relation to beauty. See what movies' most positive / negative effect in relation to beauty is, who is most sensitive to influences, and more.

20 Questions: Dental Visits - Survey Statistics

20 Questions: Dental Visits

Are dental visits always painful? Should you visit the dentist only when a tooth starts hurting? Are dental X-rays really harmful? In what are orthodontic dentists specialized? See what people know about common myths and facts about dental visits.

Hygiene in the Dental Office - Survey Statistics

Hygiene in the Dental Office

Find out how people see good hygiene in dental offices - what should be done, which the greatest dangers, what protective gear to be worn, and more. Also, see how people evaluate the dental offices they've visited & their hygiene practices.

What Is More Painful? - Survey Statistics

What Is More Painful?

Find out what is considered the most painful physical and emotional challenge. See how toothache compares to tooth extraction, getting a piercing or tattoo, childbirth, divorce / breaking up or insults.


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