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We believe that the dental market research data we collect can be very useful to dental professionals, suppliers, manufacturers, health media, and anyone who is somehow involved in the dental industry. That’s why we share our carefully selected survey results for free. The Blockchain technology behind DentaVox ensures the authenticity and actuality of the dental statistics presented.

Featured Stats
Dentavox featured statistic 20 Questions: Cosmetics & Oral Care Ingredients - Survey Statistics

20 Questions: Cosmetics & Oral Care Ingredients

What are the ingredients to look out for or avoid in toothpaste? Is fluoride dangerous? Can dental floss ever contain something toxic? Are parabens safe? See people's views and follow our blog to compare them with the findings of experts.

Dentavox featured statistic Orthodontics for Children - Survey Statistics

Orthodontics for Children

Find out the most important factor for well-aligned teeth and the clearest sign that a child needs orthodontic treatment. See what the most suitable treatment for children under 10 is and how much people are willing to pay for it, and much more.

Dentavox featured statistic Baking Soda in Healthcare - Survey Statistics

Baking Soda in Healthcare

Find out for which health aspect baking soda is used the most, for which health issues it's the most successful. Also, see its greatest benefit / problem in oral care. Find out in what way the consumers of baking soda have done it the most often.

Dentavox featured statistic Sleep & Health - Survey Statistics

Sleep & Health

Find out what people associate with sleep, what they typically do 2 hours before going to bed and if they have ever tracked sleep. Find out what happens if people sleep poorly and what helps / interferes with sleep the most, and much more.

Dentavox featured statistic Health Talks with Friends - Survey Statistics

Health Talks with Friends

Find out how people compare their health to the health of their friends. See how they evaluate their friends' ability to lead a healthy lifestyle. Find out how often people discuss with their friends their lifestyle choices or diseases, and more.

Bite Problems - Survey Statistics

Bite Problems

Find out if people were diagnosed with orthodontic (bite) problems. See how important it is to correct these, and find out the greatest barrier to getting treatment. See how bite and teeth misalignment compare in the minds of respondents.

Dental Care Motivation - Survey Statistics

Dental Care Motivation

Find out how much work is maintaining good oral health and which area is the most difficult. See what is most helpful for being regular about daily hygiene and what could help people be more successful in starting needed treatment, and more.

Baby Teeth Eruption - Survey Statistics

Baby Teeth Eruption

Find out what parents use to help their children when teething. Also, see who feels more distress when babies have their teeth erupting. Finally, see what is more challenging for parents - erupting teeth or colic, childbirth, and much more.

20 Questions: Jaw Joint Disorders (TMD) - Survey Statistics

20 Questions: Jaw Joint Disorders (TMD)

What does it mean if your jaw clicks or pops? Is it normal or worrisome? What are the symptoms of jaw joint disorders (TMD)? Can it affect the ability to speak or eat? Can it be cured? See people views and follow our blog for results.

Big Clinics vs. Small Practices - Survey Statistics

Big Clinics vs. Small Practices

Find out how small dental practices compare to big dental clinics in the mind of dental patients who've visited them - the typical reason to visit one, what is true of patient care and whose patient care is better, and much more.

Elections: Smile & Appearance - Survey Statistics

Elections: Smile & Appearance

Find out the importance of looks during the last national elections people have voted in. Also, see what helps people the most to choose who to vote for, which aspect of candidate's appearance is the most important, and much more.

Breastfeeding and Dental Health - Survey Statistics

Breastfeeding and Dental Health

Find out if people have been breastfed as babies and if they have lost milk teeth due to cavities. See how long babied should be breastfed and what the greatest oral health benefit of the practice is, and more.

Natural Teeth Whitening - Survey Statistics

Natural Teeth Whitening

Find out if people have whitened their teeth with natural methods, fruits and oils, and what they have used the most. See which fruits work the best for whitening and what the greatest benefits / problems of this whitening are, and more.

Mouthguards - Survey Statistics


Find out if people have worn mouthguards and why. See what the last mouthguard was, if it was dentist recommended and how comfortable people were when seen wearing it. Find out the most serious problem of wearing a mouthguard, and much more.

20 Questions: Animal Teeth - Survey Statistics

20 Questions: Animal Teeth

Can animal teeth be brushed? Are dental chews enough for dogs' oral care? Is it true that some animals grow teeth multiple times? Are sharks the animals with the most teeth? See people's opinions on popular notions about animal teeth and dental care.

Virtual Reality Glasses at the Dentist - Survey Statistics

Virtual Reality Glasses at the Dentist

Find out if people have used VR glasses and how. See if they have used this technology in relation to dental services. Find out the best usage of VR glasses in general and in dentistry, as well as the life area where they can be the most useful.

Oil Pulling - Survey Statistics

Oil Pulling

Find out what people associate with "oil pulling." See if they have done it and why. Find out what the greatest overall benefits / risks of the procedure are and if oil pulling or regular oral hygiene is considered better, and more.

Change of Dentists During Treatment - Survey Statistics

Change of Dentists During Treatment

Find out if people have had to change dentists during their dental treatments, why and how they felt about the change. See if people would choose to get treatment by a team of dentists, and if they'd want to choose the dentists themselves, & more.

Health Benefits for Employees - Survey Statistics

Health Benefits for Employees

Find out if current employees' receive any health benefits and what companies give them. See if employees have also been offered any dental services / products as benefits. Find out the ideal (dental) health benefits to be offered, and more.

COVID-19 Apps at the Dentist - Survey Statistics

COVID-19 Apps at the Dentist

Find out if people are aware of any apps created specifically for COVID-19. See if they or their dentists have used any, and why. Also, see in what places entry should be allowed only with a COVID-19 green certificate.

20 Questions: Teeth Grinding - Survey Statistics

20 Questions: Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding, also called bruxism, affects both children and adults. Is it an issue to worry about? Does it go away on its own or does it require specific treatments? See respondents' opinion on popular myths and facts, and follow our blog for results.

Your 2022 Health Resolutions - Survey Statistics

Your 2022 Health Resolutions

Find out what people the importance of New Year's resolutions for one's wellbeing, what is the best source of inspiration for resolutions and which are the most difficult to keep. See if people made any resolutions for 2022, and much more.

Oral Health Summary 2021 - Survey Statistics

Oral Health Summary 2021

Find out how people's oral health has changed in 2021. See if they visited a dentist, what treatments they underwent and how much it cost them. Find out how people's lifestyle has changed in 2021, how they were influenced by COVID-19, and more.

Allergies and Dental Care - Survey Statistics

Allergies and Dental Care

Find out if people have had allergies as adults, and what they were allergic to. See what they believe the main reason for their condition is, what symptoms they have and how their allergies affect their oral health & dental treatments.

Toothpaste Tablets - Survey Statistics

Toothpaste Tablets

Find out how much people know about toothpaste tablets, what is their greatest drawback and if they should ideally be used on their own or with a brush. See if people have ever used such tablets and in what situations typically that happens.

Things You Do Before Dental Visits - Survey Statistics

Things You Do Before Dental Visits

Find out how people typically prepare for dental visits - what steps they take to present themselves in their best form, if they arrange any help before the visits, if they seek additional information, what is left for the last minute, & more.

Movies' Effect on Physical Health - Survey Statistics

Movies' Effect on Physical Health

Find out how people see the influence of movies on health - do people change anything about their health habits as a result of watching movies, how they influences health, how they represent good oral health, and much more.

Thyroid and Teeth - Survey Statistics

Thyroid and Teeth

Find out if people have been diagnosed with thyroid problems and if yes, what was the cause of the issues and what symptoms they had. See how their oral health compares before and after having the issues, and much more.

Healthy or Not: Advent Calendars - Survey Statistics

Healthy or Not: Advent Calendars

Find out what people associate with Advent calendars and when they've kept one. See what surprises they've had as children / adults and if they've had oral health related items. Find out what is the healthiest Advent calendar option, and more.

Relocation and Health - Survey Statistics

Relocation and Health

Find out what the main emotion of relocating is. For those who've relocated, see what health aspects have benefitted / suffered the most. See what people in general consider the easiest / most challenging aspects of relocations, and more.

20 Questions: Sweet Tooth - Survey Statistics

20 Questions: Sweet Tooth

Is there such a thing as having a sweet tooth? Are some people genetically predisposed to like sugar? Is chocolate the worst sugary food? Are sugar-free sweets harmless for teeth? Have fun seeing people's opinions on such sweet topics!

Community Health - Survey Statistics

Community Health

Find out what is most valued about belonging to a community, & how people describe their own ones - the greatest healthcare challenge in their country of living, what healthcare initiatives are most needed by their friends & relatives, & more.

Water Flosser - Survey Statistics

Water Flosser

Find out if people have ever used water flossers and the main reason they first tried them. See how the effectiveness of water flossers compares to that of dental floss, and the greatest benefit / drawback of water flosser.

Cloves In Oral Care - Survey Statistics

Cloves In Oral Care

Find out if people have used cloves in their oral care and how they've most used it. See what stops people from using it. Also, find out people's associations with "cloves" and what their best health use is.

Dental Receptionists - Survey Statistics

Dental Receptionists

Find out how important dental receptionists are for the high quality of patient experience, and what the greatest benefits / drawbacks of having such a receptionist are. See how people see the physique of the best dental receptionists and more.

Acupuncture in Dentistry - Survey Statistics

Acupuncture in Dentistry

Find out if people have received any acupuncture for any reason & in relation to dental work / visits. See which (oral health) conditions can be most successfully treated with acupuncture and what its greatest benefits / drawbacks are.

Personal Hygiene Habits - Survey Statistics

Personal Hygiene Habits

Find out how people evaluate their overall personal hygiene & some of its aspects. See when they clean their hands, how often they clean their body, when they wash their clothes, what happens to their hygiene when they're under stress, and more.

20 Questions: Tooth Extraction - Survey Statistics

20 Questions: Tooth Extraction

Are wisdom teeth the only teeth that need to be extracted? Is tooth extraction really that painful? Does alcohol help or hinder post-extraction healing? See people's thoughts on all these topics and follow our blog for experts' opinions.

Oral Health Info in Forums - Survey Statistics

Oral Health Info in Forums

Find out the greatest benefit / drawback of oral health online forums & what dentists think of their users. See how people most often use such forums, if they are successful in finding new dentists, what motivates them to self-diagnose, and more.

Halloween & Teeth - Survey Statistics

Halloween & Teeth

Find out if people celebrate Halloween, what treats they have and how much sugar they consume. See how Halloween compares to other holidays in the amount of sweetened foods / drinks consumed, how it can be made healthier, and more.

Emails from the Dentist - Survey Statistics

Emails from the Dentist

Find out if people have received any email from their dentists and what these mails typically are. See in what situations dentists communicate with patients via email, which email topics do people almost always do or don't read, and much more.

Teeth-Related Dreams - Survey Statistics

Teeth-Related Dreams

Find out what people dream about the most and why they have teeth-related dreams. See if people have had such dreams themselves and what typically happens in them.

Recovery after Oral Surgery - Survey Statistics

Recovery after Oral Surgery

Find out if oral surgery is most often planned or not, which type has the longest recovery and what is considered normal recovery. See if patients are thought to get written instructions on managing recovery & if they actually get any, and more.

Charcoal In Oral Care - Survey Statistics

Charcoal In Oral Care

Find out what comes to mind when people hear "activated charcoal", and what the greatest problem of using it is. See if people have used oral care products with this ingredient, what products were used, what benefits were observed, and more.

Teeth & Tea - Survey Statistics

Teeth & Tea

Find out the greatest benefit & drawback of drinking tea, how healthy it is, and which teas are considered the most healthy or teeth friendly. See what general / oral health issues may be caused by tea; how adults drink tea and much more.

20 Questions: Natural Remedies for Teeth - Survey Statistics

20 Questions: Natural Remedies for Teeth

Is coconut oil pulling proven to whiten teeth? Can activated charcoal harm the enamel? Is baking soda the go-to remedy for all things dental? See respondents' views on natural remedies for oral care and follow our blog for experts' verdicts!

Salt and (Oral) Health - Survey Statistics

Salt and (Oral) Health

Find out which type of salt & which way of eating salt is considered most dangerous to general health. See which is the most important oral health related function of salt, why salty foods are thought of as dangerous and much more.

Oral Hygiene While Hospitalized - Survey Statistics

Oral Hygiene While Hospitalized

Find out why hospitalized patients should maintain good personal hygiene and who should be responsible for it. See which hygiene aspect is most neglected during hospitalizations, what personal hygiene items hospitals should provide for patients, and more.

Pulling a Milk Tooth - Survey Statistics

Pulling a Milk Tooth

Find out how children should ideally lose their milk teeth and if they should wiggle them beforehand. See who should be helping children lose their milk teeth at home. See which are all ways people have lost their milk teeth (at home).

Fertility & Oral Health - Survey Statistics

Fertility & Oral Health

See how people evaluate current fertility levels vs. 10 years ago, the most important factor for a woman's fertility, the importance of good oral health for fertility, and the oral health issue contributing the most to fertility issues, & more.


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