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We believe that the dental market research data we collect can be very useful to dental professionals, suppliers, manufacturers, health media, and anyone who is somehow involved in the dental industry. That’s why we share our carefully selected survey results for free. The Blockchain technology behind DentaVox ensures the authenticity and actuality of the dental statistics presented.

Featured Stats
Dentavox featured statistic What Is It Like Being a Dentist? - Survey Statistics

What Is It Like Being a Dentist?

Find out what being a dentist is imagined to be - is it desired, what is the most common reason, whish students tend to become dentists, and which skills dentists need the most.

Dentavox featured statistic Dental Treatment Costs - Survey Statistics

Dental Treatment Costs

Find out what people think about dental costs - what treatments would contribute the most to good health, which are the least widely available, what costs the most, how much do fillings and implants cost vs. their ideal cost, and the ideal monthly premium for a full coverage private insurance.

Dentavox featured statistic Lies We Tell the Dentist - Survey Statistics

Lies We Tell the Dentist

Find out how common it is to lie to one's dentist and the main reason to do it. See if people expect their dentists to catch the lie and what is the easiest way. See what people lie about and how they usually feel when doing it.

Dentists in Advertisements: Yes or No? - Survey Statistics

Dentists in Advertisements: Yes or No?

Find out which dentist's recommendation people would trust the most & what is considered the least ethical way of dentists taking part in ads. Find out which dentists are seen as most trustworthy in oral hygiene product ads and much more.

Botox & Fillers in Dentistry - Survey Statistics

Botox & Fillers in Dentistry

Find out if facial aesthetic treatments are popular, which are most common, and if people've had any. See what the most common reason to get some is, who is expected to perform these and if dentists should be allowed to do them, and more.

Dairy Products & Oral Health - Survey Statistics

Dairy Products & Oral Health

Find out if people have ever broken any bones or are lactose intolerant. See if they've consumed dairy products and which ones were most often had in childhood or adulthood, as well as the main reason to currently have such products.

20 Questions: Sensitive Teeth - Survey Statistics

20 Questions: Sensitive Teeth

Is tooth sensitivity an issue to worry about? Or is it normal for everyone's teeth to hurt when biting into cold and hot foods? Are sensitive teeth always a sign of tooth decay? See people's views on 20 popular notions on the topic.

Oral Health in the Classroom - Survey Statistics

Oral Health in the Classroom

Find out if schools attended, either primary or secondary, offer any dental care. See what food pupils eat at school & how healthy it is. FInd out what oral hygiene steps children take at school, if they smoke or drink, and much more.

Oral Health Conspiracies (or Not?) - Survey Statistics

Oral Health Conspiracies (or Not?)

Find out if people believe in health conspiracy theories - water fluoridation, 5G networks, dentists benefiting from people's health issues, and more. Also, see which source of oral care guidance is seen as most trustworthy.

Drinking Water & Oral Health - Survey Statistics

Drinking Water & Oral Health

Find out how people describe their fluid intake, the type of water they typically drink, its temperature, the differences between cold and warm days. See what is perceived as the greatest benefit of drinking water, and much more.


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