A beautiful smile is something that everyone wishes to have. Thinking about that perfect smile, though, how often do we imagine it… having yellow teeth?

In a recent DentaVox survey, 38% of respondents describe the color of their teeth as yellow. Since yellow teeth are not that uncommon, why do so many people have a prejudice against them? 

Let’s take a look at the key findings of just how much yellow teeth affect people’s life, based on respondents’ answers. A total of 4906  DentaVox users shared their perceptions on questions like :

What are the Top 5 top reasons for yellow teeth?

Poor oral health is the main cause for (their) yellow teeth according to 33% of DentaVox respondents. It is surprising that people are aware of this, but not so often are they proactive to make a change for good. Or so may one believe? Therein lies the prejudice that many have – people with yellow are just careless. In reality, though, some people simply do not have the same access to healthcare as others. Furthermore, factors such as lower-income and education were also linked to the increased number of decayed teeth and overall bad oral health.

The excessive consumption of staining foods (26%), tobacco, and alcohol (18%) are also some of the other most common reasons for teeth yellowing as per respondents. On a more positive note, specialists claim that once a person stops smoking, both their overall and oral health improves over time. 

On a surface level, the main factors that affect the color of one’s teeth are related to bad oral habits, as well as other unhealthy lifestyle choices. Having all that in mind, it is no wonder that people are biased towards yellow teeth. However, we shall look beyond our prejudices.


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Do yellow teeth affect the attractiveness of people?

The majority of DentaVox respondents (80%) find people with yellow teeth less attractive than those with white teeth. Interestingly, a study carried out by two UK-based scientists suggests evidence that human teeth act as ornaments that can draw potential partners. 

Tooth color can give other people basic information about our health and genetics. Naturally, white teeth go hand-in-hand with good health – which ultimately plays a great part in one’s attractiveness. Surprisingly, 20% of DentaVox respondents still perceive people with yellow teeth as attractive.


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Which are the Top 5 reasons people whiten their teeth? 

One-fourth of DentaVox’s respondents state that they like themselves better with white teeth. These stats are not surprising when we take into account that 99.7% of people believe their smile is an important social asset (based on AACD reports). 


The importance of a beautiful smile may be one of the reasons why 30% of respondents share that the yellow color of their teeth, in fact, bothers them. This may also be linked to the increasing pressure to have the perfect smile – just like Hollywood celebrities. Other study results also show that 57% of people feel insecure about their teeth, to such an extent that they cover their mouth while laughing. 


Another 19% of people would whiten their teeth because they believe in the prejudice that yellow teeth are unhealthy. This common perception, however, is in fact not backed by any scientific evidence. Prairie Dental Group explains that some people naturally have thinner enamel. So, unless your yellow teeth are due to bad oral habits, you do not need to worry so much. If you are not sure about it, you’d better consult your oral care provider. 


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