Treatment quality more important than special benefits, respondents say

According to results from our survey “What Makes a Loyal Patient?”, 46% of respondents identify the quality of treatment as a key factor for staying loyal to their dentist. In comparison, just 14% of participants in the survey assert special benefits are most decisive. However, when asked if nowadays people are switching to a new dentist more often than before and why respondents assert that price variations and patient predisposition also come into play. One-third of those who think patients are more loyal now than in the past attribute that to the patient’s more loyal-oriented attitude. Meanwhile, among respondents who consider that people change their dentist more often now, nearly a quarter refer to price differences as the most important reason.

Treatment quality seen as more important than special benefits

Close to half of respondents recognize quality as the most critical aspect to stay with the same dentist, compared to 17% in favor of customer care and just 14% in support to special benefits. Several previous studies also suggest a relationship between perceived service quality and loyalty. In terms of special benefits, earlier research confirms that in combination with quality, it is also an important determinant. So even if special benefits are not pinpointed as most important by the majority of respondents, they can still be playing an important role.

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Loyalty-oriented attitude is key for those who consider dental patients to be more loyal now than before

41% of survey participants think that nowadays patients are more loyal to the same dental practice than before. The main reason for this according to respondents is a loyalty-oriented behavior while switching cost and comprehensive care are less frequently mentioned.

Price difference is pivotal according to respondents who believe people switch their dentist more often than before

On the other hand, among respondents who think that patients switch more often to a new dentist than before (34%) the prevalent opinion is that price differences drive this behavior. More service providers to choose from and higher expectations are two other components recognized by respondents.


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Better patient experience, price discounts, and shorter waiting times – the main loyalty strategies

It seems that according to patients the most common strategies employed by dentists are targeted at 2 main aspects – the patient experience, overall or in terms of waiting times, and the cost. Do these strategies correspond to the findings that treatment quality is key to loyalty? At first sight it looks like there is a mismatch. However, it may be argued if it is due to a perception of tretment quality as more related to dentist’s skillset, and thus more difficult to change than patient experience or special discounts.


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