According to results from DentaVox survey “Dental Visits vs. Other Experiences”, for many people dental fear takes over a number of other common anxieties and unpleasant experiences. A substantial share of respondents would prefer a week of home isolation or a close encounter with a creepy reptile to a dental visit. Moreover, despite the widespread obsession with digital technologies, many respondents are more willing even to endure offline time than dental procedures.

The key findings and other interesting results from the survey are presented in the infographic below:

dental visit vs other experiences

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24% of participants find getting dental treatment scarier than being in a room with a snake.

Usually not a favorite companion, reptiles also seem to be a preferred option than the dentist. Almost a quarter of respondents find it less scary to be in a room with a snake than to go for a dental visit. What is more, some are even ready to kiss a frog (4% of respondents).

Earlier surveys showed even more striking results in that direction. Research in the UK found that more people are afraid of the dentist than of spiders and snakes. Similarly, a study by the American Association of Endodontics revealed that more than half of respondents would rather have a snake in their lap for 15 minutes or be in a place with spiders than get root canal treatment. Why are the DentaVox findings less pronounced? It may be due to different levels of dental anxiety by the respondent’s base, and the specific type of treatment mentioned in the AAE survey.

44% of respondents prefer to be locked in a room for a week with their partner than visit the dentist

Being closed in a room with their partner for one week appears to be a better option for almost half of the survey participants when compared to taking care of dental problems. Interestingly, when asked to choose between a dental visit and a week of home isolation, the share of people who opted for stay-at-home time is less, 28% of respondents.

At first glance, these findings seem controversial. However, maybe the mention of a partner in the first case sounds comforting. And in the second case, the option corresponds too closely to the COVID-19 lockdown measures introduced in many countries around the world. Either way, it seems that for a significant share of survey participants even the restrictions of home isolation are more bearable than a dental visit.

31% of people would rather go without Facebook for a week than get dental treatment.

With 1,734 billion daily active users on Facebook, it is a big sacrifice for many to go without their favorite social media for a week. Yet, one in three respondents would prefer not to use Facebook for one week than sit in the dentist’s chair. Moreover, 22% of people are ready to be completely offline for the same period rather than get dental treatment.

16% of patients are more willing to use a dirty toilet than go to the dentist.

Getting in touch with dirty surfaces is disgusting. Yet, it seems to be less troublesome for many. One-third of the survey participants are more willing to do a complete clean-up of the entire house than endure dental procedures. Even more, some people are prepared to go further. For 16% of respondents using a dirty public toilet is a less unpleasant experience than going to the dentist. In general, it looks like that dental fear takes over hygiene concerns.

What else is less disturbing than dental treatment?

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