Most people recognize aftercare as crucial for the success of dental treatment, results from DentaVox survey show. The majority of participants in the research expect dental staff to explain the proper way to take care of teeth after completed treatment. Moreover, recommendations should be made both during conversation and in writing, 69% of respondents believe. This also goes for providing guidance both in-person and digitally.

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How should patients find out about aftercare

Quite expected, the majority prefers to be consulted by the dental staff on the proper way for taking care of their teeth post-treatment. Researching it on their own or asking other patients is seen as appropriate by a very small share of people. This finding stresses once again the pivotal role of dental staff beyond the treatment room.

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Spoken vs. written instructions

69% of survey participants believe both verbal and written communication is important when getting aftercare instructions from their dentists. This indicates that patients recognize the value of both approaches. In a talk, it is easy to ask questions. Having written guidance provides an opportunity to revisit the instructions later on at peace.

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In person vs. digitally providing of guidance

29% of respondents think recommendations should be delivered in person. Moreover, two-thirds of the participants believe a combination of face-to-face communication and via digital means is the most effective. These results highlight the importance of good rapport between patients and dentists but also show that information materials, e.g. printed leaflets or emails, will not suffice on their own.


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Top 3 digital channels

Email communication is seen as the most appropriate digital channel to get recommendations. It may be surprising given the growing popularity of more interactive ways such as messaging apps which come in second place. We can only speculate on the reasons for this preference but guidance by email might be perceived as more personalized to the patient as a recipient.


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Survey: “Dental Aftercare” 

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