It is quite common to hear about the negative effects of social media. However, according to a recent survey by DentaVox, many respondents think it can also be a source of good influence. Controversial or not, people claim they found inspiration to explore a healthier lifestyle. 

What are the positive changes? 

Effect on physical health

Interestingly 69% of DentaVox users state that social media is influencing them to eat healthier, including organic and natural foods. In terms of activity, 75% of respondents claim that they have started a home workout program motivated by social media. With the rise of healthcare bloggers and Instagram influencers, whose accounts are solely dedicated to healthy lifestyle, this may be just the case.

Interestingly, there are other studies that suggest this trend. Research by The University of Pennsylvania suggests that social networks can be a powerful motivator to encourage more physical activity.


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Healthy consequences

Another positive indicator in regards to social media is the possibility to learn new healthy behaviors, and also to communicate with others from all around the world, respondents say. It has become rather common for people to look up health-related information on social platforms. In fact, other studies claim that nearly 90% of adults in the USA search for health information on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media sites. However, this also raises concerns over the trustworthiness of such content.


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Changes in preventative care

70% of people report social media instigated them to get more general health check-ups. A significant share of respondents also say that they pay more attention to their oral health, hygiene and checkups. Social media platforms are often used as a tool in public health awareness campaigns. We may wonder if such campaigns contribute to this positive influence or other factors come into play.


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Survey: “Social Media’s Effect on Physical Health”


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Can Social Media Make People ealthier