It is common wisdom that a healthy radiant smile is a great asset that opens doors in the professional arena and in the romantic field. And results from our recent survey on DentaVox show that romantic and professional relationships can be powerful motivating factors for undertaking dental treatments.

The infographic below illustrates a comparison between the influence of romantic vs. professional relationships on oral health in four main aspects:

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How common is for relationships to influence oral health

For 59% of survey participants, oral health is affected by romantic relationships. The share is quite similar in terms of professional relationships, although slightly lower – 52%.

The findings in terms of romantic relationships correspond to results from previous studies, which found that romantic relationships impact oral health, and more specifically in a positive direction.

Which type of relationships has stronger influence

Half of survey takers evaluate relations at the workplace to have a stronger influence than personal ones. However, 36% of respondents believe it is the same. It seems peer pressure is strong in both areas of life.

In what ways they contribute to better oral health

It looks like a romantic partner and people from the professional circle play different roles. For the majority of respondents, a spouse or a partner helps with motivation, while contacts from the business domain contribute with advice and recommendations. Practical help and other types of support have a very insignificant place in both cases.

What are the treatments people seek because of the relationships

Despite their different roles, both types of relationships drive people to seek the same dental procedures, mainly associated with the improvement of appearance. For instance, half of the respondents have considered teeth whitening because of relationships.

For more insights from the survey:

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