COVID-19 vaccines are considered the most dangerous vaccines, research by DentaVox among 9804 respondents globally reveals. And, while respondents remain skeptical about COVID-19 vaccines, most people have a positive attitude about vaccines against dental diseases such as periodontitis and tooth decay. The majority of respondents only think they will be useful. Moreover, a significant share of the participants, 58%, even consider that everyone should take them.

What is people’s opinion on vaccines? Let’s take a look at some of the key stats:

Greatest worry about vaccines

When talking about vaccines in general, one in four respondents is most worried about the possible unpleasant side effects. In the second place, 15% of the participants are most concerned about other people refusing to get vaccinated. Although being asked about vaccines in general, the results may be much influenced by the COVID-19 vaccines debate. The DentaVox survey findings correspond to results from the Eurobarometer survey in May 2021 that showed that concerns about side effects are (very) important decision-making factors.


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Ready to welcome oral health vaccines

Over half of respondents don’t know much about vaccines against bad teeth. And yet, 81% consider they will be (highly) useful. This positive attitude goes even further as 58% of people say everyone should get vaccinated to prevent oral health diseases. This enthusiasm for teeth vaccines is in contrast to the suspicion over COVID-19 vaccines.


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Gum disease vaccines should come first

The most prevalent dental issues on a global scale – gum disease and tooth decay are among the top diseases people think should be first prevented by oral health vaccines. In fact, respondents’ dreams about gum disease vaccines may indeed be realized one day as Australian scientists are already testing them out. For the proponents of the caries vaccine, it may be interesting that research has been underway for the past 40 years

Oral cancer is pointed out by one-third of respondents as the first dental disease to be prevented by vaccines. Actually, there is already a vaccine that may help prevent HPV, one of the causes of oral cancer. 


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So, dream or reality, vaccines against oral health issues are highly anticipated, it seems. 

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Based on results from survey “Vaccines

Respondents: 9804

Period: 15/04 – 14/09/2021

Feel free to use the article and infographic with attribution to the source: DentaVox market research.


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