72% of DentaVox survey respondents find oral health blogs helpful in keeping you healthier. For most participants in the research, the main benefit of reading health blogs is that they can learn something new about oral health. Interestingly, just 7% find it motivating for improving their own habits. What do people want to read about? Where should it be shared? The research results give an insight on these questions:


Why to Read Oral Health Blogs

For most people, new knowledge about oral health is the leading reason to read oral health-related blog posts. Just 9% of the respondents are looking for advice about oral care products or dental services. As mentioned earlier, only 7% are searching for motivation in the blog posts for adopting more tooth-friendly habits. These results indicate that the positive influence of blogs on oral health is more indirect, through improving oral health literacy. The association of literacy and health outcomes have been established previously by many regional studies.


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What Is Most Suitable Content Type

In view of the findings on why people read oral health blogs, it is quite expected that facts are the most popular content type. This shows that people expect quality information based on facts when it comes to health-related articles.

On the other hand, although motivation might not be the main reason to read oral health blogs, tips still take an important place as the second most suitable post type (59% of respondents).


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Where Blog Posts Should Be Shared

It comes as no surprise that one of the most popular social media platforms globally, Facebook is  considered the most suitable media for sharing oral health-related blog posts. What may be surprising is that Instagram comes at a second place together with Youtube. The mention of Instagram which is a more visual platform indicates people expect video and image materials to be an integral part of the postings.


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Survey: “Online Health Blogs” 

Website: dentavox.dentacoin.com


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