The strong connection between oral health and general well-being is no longer under discussion. Tooth decay, gum disease, and extensive tooth loss can all lead to serious complications in other parts of the body, while other systemic diseases can have oral manifestations. But oral health also affects us psychologically. White and healthy teeth make us more attractive and allow us to eat, smile, and socialize better, and thus fundamentally improve our self-confidence and life quality. 

And what is its influence on our relationships? Results from recent DentaVox surveys show that the majority of people think poor oral health conditions worsen relationships and for one-third of the respondents certain issues have even interrupted sexual intercourses. On the other hand, good oral health results in more kissing and more sex. On top, a larger share of respondents with excellent oral health (52%) are most satisfied with their intimate relationships, compared to people with poor oral health (37%). 

We explored the effects of teeth on intimate relationships and sex life among over 1,900 respondents globally. 

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Top 3 relationships affected by oral health

Previous research showed that a smile is the first thing more than 60% of people notice about someone they find attractive. So it comes as no surprise that the majority of people believe oral health influences their romantic life. 

Almost 80% of DentaVox respondents think that poor oral health leads to worse social relationships. Intimate relationships are claimed to be most affected by people’s oral condition, according to 40% of survey participants, followed by professional contacts, and friendships. Moreover, issues like bad breath, missing teeth, and gum disease are defined as an absolute dating turn-off

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How good oral health improves sex life

Oral health’s effect on our sex and romantic life is not one-sided, though. DentaVox results show that a larger share of respondents with excellent oral health (52%) are most satisfied with their intimate relationships, compared to people with poor oral health (37%). The difference of 15 percentage points indicates a possible relation between the level of satisfaction from a relationship and the oral health status in a positive direction. 

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Survey participants also recognized numerous positive effects of healthy teeth on healthy relationships. More kissing (33%) and more sex (23%) are acknowledged as the most positive results of having proper oral health. Experiencing greater intimacy and feeling more attractive are often mentioned, too. 

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Oral health issues that interrupt sexual activity

And that’s not where oral health influence on sex lives ends. Oral health may directly interfere with sexual intercourses, it seems. 69% of DentaVox survey participants have been forced to interrupt their sexual activity due to sudden dental issues. Among those, the most common are: an injury to the mouth or lips, bleeding, and a broken tooth. Fallen dental restorations – namely denture, filling, crown – are in the scope too. 

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It might be interesting for further research to cover the direct health relation (physical and psychological) between sex life and oral health. 

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