Choosing the perfect gift is not an easy task for many. Surprising, pleasing for the eyes and senses, and yet useful. Are these the qualities of the perfect gift and do oral care products tick the boxes? Our recent survey on DentaVox shows that although not so commonly received, both dental products and vouchers are considered as useful gifts by the majority of people. Just 18% of respondents believe these items are not suitable holiday presents. Oral care products such as toothbrushes are better for children, and vouchers, e.g. teeth cleaning or whitening coupons, are more appropriate for your spouse.

So, let’s dig deeper into the dental holiday shopping:

Oral care products as gifts

47% of participants in the survey have never received a dental product as a gift. Furthermore, another 27% have rarely been given such a present. On the other hand, the people who got dental presents say that they have used them. It looks like e-shops are already on this trend, placing oral care items as electric brushes on the top of gift ideas lists.


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Oral care vouchers as gifts

Dental vouchers seem to be less popular as 55% of respondents have not ever been given as a present. Similar to products, the one who actually got them, have put it into practice. Dental practices offer a variety of options, including e-vouchers so it’s easy for holiday shoppers to put them on the list.


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Who are they most appropriate for

As mentioned earlier, people think that products are more suitable for children than vouchers. On the other hand, vouchers seem to be found better suited for a spouse. Many dental clinics offer holiday-themed voucher cards to make it easy for shoppers. Getting a fitting present for a co-worker may be tricky but interestingly, one-third of respondents think that both categories (products and vouchers) are just the thing to give.


oral care gifts infographicsquare img


Survey: Oral Care during Holidays

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