78% of people made New Year resolutions for 2022, DentaVox results show. But already a month into the year, what are the self-promises most difficult to keep? The research shows that most resolutions are about finances, health or work. Focusing on health-related goals, the majority of respondents have trouble sticking to weight management (26%) and keeping a healthy diet  (25%). As a result, 46% of the research participants feel disappointed when they fail and 63% are set on trying again next year.

Let’s look deeper into:

  • What resolutions are about
  • Most common health-related pledges
  • What happens when resolutions fail


What resolutions are about

37% of people point out finances as the most popular area for resolutions. Whether this result is related to the post pandemic economic challenges, it is hard to say. In comparison to this, a survey in the United States shows that health is the most common thread in the top resolutions. In the DentaVox study it takes second place. So, what are the most common health-related goals?

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Most common health-related pledges

Healthy eating leads the chart of most common goals. Together with weight management, it is also among the most difficult to keep. Both resolutions are closely related to changing eating habits. Why is this so hard to do? According to psychologists, “It’s complicated and primal, and it has everything to do with your brain trying to help you survive.” So, no wonder that people have trouble sticking to these resolutions.

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What happens when resolutions fail

When resolutions do not work, 63% of the research participants are set to try again next year. However, most people feel disappointed that they could not achieve the positive life change. Furthermore, 12% of them admit they feel depressed about it. Specialists advise on different strategies to make New Year resolutions stick and we hope that more respondents will report a successful change at the end of the year!

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Research results are based on:

Survey: New Year Resolutions 2022
Period: 04/01 – 26/01/2022
Website: dentavox.dentacoin.com

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