Dental market research reports featuring genuine global data, all-sides analysis, and beautiful, comprehensible charts are the newest addition to the DentaVox website. What is more: The new paid reports will be approximately 80% cheaper than the average costs for such research, and, of course, payable in both traditional currencies and crypto – Dentacoin, Bitcoin, Ether. 

If you are too impatient and want to immediately dive in, please feel free to explore the very first report on the topic “TELEDENTISTRY: Patient Awareness & Willingness To Use Remote Dental Services”:

Otherwise, let me first tell you more about the why, the what, and the how. 


Why did we launch DentaVox Dental Market Reports? 

It is at the core of the Dentacoin mission to fight against all injustices within the dental industry through the power of smart technology. The insanely high prices of dental market research reports make them practically unavailable to over 90% of the dental specialists, students, low-key suppliers, independent media… None of these and other small stakeholders can afford to pay $2000 for a 30-page research paper. Ordering a custom report to a specialized research agency is an even more unthinkable luxury.

By launching DentaVox Paid Reports we aim at decentralizing the research market. 

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Our reports are here because of thousands of passionate DentaVox users filling surveys day and night and never losing their motivation thanks to Dentacoin incentives. DentaVox value comes from people to people. No large corporations and high-end agencies involved; just passionate DentaVox survey takers, and a hard-working creative & analytical team behind. 

This decentralization and the smart use of crypto incentives and payments allow us to finally make genuine market data affordable to interested parties of all sizes, locations, and budgets. 


What makes DentaVox Dental Market Reports different? 

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Let’s break down the benefits that not many other research providers can offer. 

By verifying users’ identities through the blockchain-based Civic Pass KYC, and ensuring full attention during surveys via a smart system of checks, warnings, and bans, we guarantee trustworthy data that can be used for informed decisions. 

DentaVox users are people from all kinds of professional and educational backgrounds, aged between 18 and 72, and definitely located at all corners of the world. This allows for an all-sides view of the market and specific, targeted conclusions. 

We designed DentaVox Paid Reports with the general public in mind. Through beautiful, comprehensive charts and condensed, on-the-point analysis, we make sure that everyone interested in the topic will not only read but actually understand the depths of it. 

Utilizing the decentralized power of smart technology and incentives, we are able to offer DentaVox reports at prices starting as low as $250 for an 80-page paper. And: DentaVox Reports will be the first-ever dental market reports payable in Dentacoin, Bitcoin, and Ether!


How to buy DentaVox Dental Market Reports? 

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  1. Go to and choose the report that interests you (for now, only the first report on “Teledentistry” is uploaded but this will change soon).
  2. For each report, you have publicly available elements such as methodology, table of contents, summary, and sample pages. This should give you an idea of whether the content is what you are looking for.
  3. Once decided, just click the “ORDER” button, fill out the order form, and choose a payment method. Note: you can order the report individually for yourself or on behalf of a company. VAT applies according to location and registration.
  4. In the last step, you have to fill out your invoice details (if there are any) and you will see the amount you need to pay. Transactions are handled externally, so once you have sent the payment, don’t forget to send an email with the payment proof (for PayPal payments) or the transaction hash (for crypto payments) to with your order number in the subject.

Et voilà! Within 2 business days, after the payment is received, you will get the chosen research report via email. You don’t even need registration for this – easy as pie! 


Ready to dive in? Click on the button below to take a look! 



Author’s note:

donika kraeva dentacoin

Launching DentaVox Paid Reports has been quite a journey in analytical, creative, and administrative terms. But we made it happen! And we did it right. I am 100% certain of the value that we have created for media, students, dental specialists, and suppliers alike. 

Exploring the dental market from all sides and establishing a brand new niche – low-cost, crypto-paid dental reports – is as much challenging as it is satisfying. 

I would like to express my gratitude to the main people involved:

  • Dobrina Vassileva, Analyst & Content Creator – for the long hours of analyzing and presenting the data, and the numerous optimizations applied along the way. 
  • Daniel Kolarov, Graphic Designer – for always creating small design masterpieces without losing sight of their purpose, readability, and correctness. 
  • Petya Ivanova, Dentacoin Team Leader – for sparing me all the administrative and processual matters and handling them in her inherent professional manner.
  • Daria Kerancheva, Content Marketing & PR Expert – for establishing strict and very high standards for the reports’ structure and content. 

And last but not least, a huge THANK YOU to all DentaVox users who never get tired of their favorite survey website. Without you openly sharing your experience and opinions in the surveys this would never have been possible! Today’s praise goes to you!