One question. Only 100 respondents. Every day.

Let’s start the new week with a new feature on your favorite paid survey website! DentaVox introduces Daily polls – fun and insightful questions published every day which will be limited to 100 respondents. First come, first served.

Let’s dive into the basics now!


Answer one question per day

Different polls will be available every day, from Monday to Sunday. From fun imaginary situations, through daily oral hygiene routine, to complex dental procedures, the scope of our daily questions will be as wide as this big, big dental world.

How to see today’s daily polls? Just hop on and it will pop!

Dentavox Answer one question per day


Browse results and take old polls

Skipped a poll? No worries, you can always browse all past polls at You can recognize the polls which are still open and not taken by the bright border around the box and the “Answer” button on hover (desktop) or click (mobile).

Dentavox Browse results and take old polls

Don’t wait for too long, though…


Hurry up: limited to 100 people only

Each daily poll on DentaVox is limited to 100 respondents and functions on a first come, first served basis. Once the total number of answers is collected, the poll is closed and you can only see the results of it.

Dentavox limited to 100 people only


Take polls with no signup required

For those of you who are not fans of registrations but are hungry to share their opinion, daily polls will be available without the need of signing up. However, if you’d like to claim your reward, you should first sign up. A piece of advice: Registered users have plenty of additional opportunities to monetize their valuable experience and thoughts.

Dentavox Take polls with no signup required


Rewards for registered users

Every daily poll will be rewarded with Dentacoin tokens. You can use the Dentacoin tokens you’ve earned for buying various gift cards, paying for dental services, or exchanging to other (crypto)currencies.

Dentavox Rewards for registered users


So why wait and hesitate? Hop on DentaVox now!