Dental market insights on hundreds of oral health topics are now available on the DentaVox research website.

On its way to solidify its position as THE source of dental market research data, DentaVox introduces downloadable statistics and charts. The new feature is available only to registered users. Signup is free, very quick and easy. 

Now dentists, suppliers, media, researchers, students, and all other interested parties can export all public statistics in Excel table format (.xlsx) for further research purposes or download ready charts as images (.png) and documents (.pdf). 

Here is how it works in three simple steps:


STEP 1: Browse the topics

DentaVox launches surveys on various oral health topics every week and thus gathers answers from thousands of verified individuals globally. You can find all publicly available survey statistics here: Search for a topic of interest or browse through the pages to get an overview.

dentavox choose survey stats


STEP 2: Choose a question of interest 

For each survey, you will see between 3 and 30 questions with statistics available. Expand the one/s that are of interest to you to see the results. Different demographic breakdowns – by biological sex, age, education, monthly income – are also provided. Click on the pink “Download” button in the upper right corner to proceed with choosing a format. 

dentavox choose question download 

STEP 3: Select format, period and demographics

In the popup, you can select whether you’d like to get the statistics as an image (.png), as a document (.pdf) or in a table format (.xlsx). Moreover, you are able to export results only for a certain period of time, and with specific or all demographic breakdowns. Make your selection and click on “Download”.

dentavox stats download selection


And… Voilà! After a very short waiting time, your file will be automatically generated and downloaded. Need more formats, questions or demographics? Just go through the same process and make as many different selections as you like. No limits. 


Bonus tips: Which format to choose and why

Let us give you an idea how your file/s will look like. We will also try to help you choose the right format for your purposes:  

📈Excel table format (.xlsx) – download sample
This format is most suitable for students or researchers who would like to work with the raw statistical data – for example for the purpose of running correlation or regression analysis. In the generated file, you will see two sheets: 1) Raw Data, and 2)  Breakdown. The first sheet gives you the anonymized answers to the chosen question of all respondents, as well as their selected demographics.

🖼️ Image format (.png) – download sample
This format is perfect for direct use by media to embed within articles, by students/ researchers to include in papers, as well as by dentists to share with their patients on social media or via emails. It gives a visually appealing and easy-to-comprehend view of the curious market insights. In case you select more than one demographic breakdowns, you will have a separate image for each one for even easier, independent use.

📝 Document format (.pdf) – download sample
This format is suitable for every individual or company that would like to combine all selected demographic breakdowns into one file. Then this document can be used as an attachment to other research papers, in an archive as part of internal market research, etc.


Willing to give it a try? 

Visit our Statistics page, select a survey and enjoy trustworthy and comprehensible dental market research results! 

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Stay tuned for more updates! Affordable, in-depth research papers, payable in Dentacoin (DCN) cryptocurrency are on the way!