45% of respondents in a recent DentaVox survey claim that they do not believe in oral health conspiracies. Yet, when asked if specific groups win from people having many dental issues, the percent of proponents of conspiracies is much higher. For instance, 58% believe that governments benefit if people are having many dental problems. Moreover, 84% of respondents claim that big oral health companies profit from it. Another popular oral health conspiracy supported by 47% of people is that drilling is not a good option to treat caries since it destroys the tooth, thus should be replaced by natural methods.

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Who benefits from people’s poor oral health?

Over half of respondents are convinced that when people have many dental issues, it is better for big manufacturers of oral care products (84%), insurance companies (63%), and the government (58%).

It may be surprising that so many people think insurance companies benefit from people’s oral health issues since it will mean more pay-outs for treatment. However, this result may be related to the perception that more dental problems might lead to higher insurance premiums.

It is unclear why people believe the government profits from people’s bad oral health and this will be an interesting topic for further research.

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Below the 50% threshold of supporters of the statement that the particular group profits from people’s bad oral health fall NGOs (50%), large food/ drinks manufacturers (45%), and rich people (37%. The reasons to believe that these groups and organizations gain from the population’s dental problems are not covered by the current analysis but will be an interesting topic to explore further.


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Should drilling be replaced by natural methods to treat tooth decay?

Close to half of survey participants (47%) think drilling should be replaced by natural methods for dental caries treatment because it is harmful to teeth.

Whether people’s opinions on this subject are swayed by recent research aiming to put the “drill-and-fill” approach to dentistry in the past, it is hard to say. In any case, alternatives to drilling such as advanced treatment methods or more focus on preventative care might be playing a part.

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Is water fluoridation more harmful than beneficial?

According to the results, 36% of people are against water fluoridation, as there is more harm than benefits for oral health, and just 21% support it. There have been controversial opinions and research results on this subject. The issue has been thoroughly debated in countries with public water fluoridation programs. Given this, it is no wonder that there is no widespread support toward the benefits of fluorated water for oral health.

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