The eagerly anticipated DentaVox iOS app is here! iPhone owners can now enjoy their favorite survey platform and share opinion on the go through the intuitive app interface. Apart from the well known DentaVox features, the new application has some functionalities available only for iOS users. Let’s dive in and see!


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➡️ Exclusively for iPhone users

You can make use of an additional way to join or log in the platform via Apple ID. It is a convenient and secure method to access your account in addition to the already available Facebook and CIVIC login. For existing accounts, the onboarding to the new method is automatic if the DentaVox account email address matches the Apple ID email. In other cases, you can request linking of the accounts through our Help and Support center.



➡️ Favorite features as you know them


Surveys, polls, results – it is all there! Tweaks in the app design are tailored specifically to enhance the experience of mobile users. Furthermore, thanks to push notifications, you will never miss on survey spots. Android users have already been enjoying this advantage.

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➡️ Coming soon: online translator integration


We have listened to the feedback of app users on Android, and soon both the iOS and Android apps will feature the option for online translation. This is a popular way for users of the web platform, while taking the surveys in English still remains the recommended way. Spanish, Portuguese and Turkish will be the first language options for online translation. The functionality will become available with the next updates of the app later this month.

So, whether you are an iOS or Android fan, don’t wait. Grab your phone and get started!


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