One-third of people consider that ice cream harms oral health, results from survey “Ice cream and teeth” reveal. Moreover, for nearly half of respondents, dental issues were the reason to start eating less ice cream. What are the most common problems? And, the techniques to minimize the adverse effects?


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The Effect of Ice Cream on Oral Health

Opinions on the negative effects of ice cream on teeth are not completely aligned. But one thing is clear. Most people don’t find it good for teeth. According to 33% of survey respondents, ice cream is (very) bad for teeth. A similar share of survey participants thinks it’s neither. And, a quarter of the respondents see both positive and negative consequences of ice cream consumption. In reality, packed with sugar ice cream treats can be harmful to oral health. According to the American Dental Association, ice cream is on the list of main sources of added sugar in the diet.


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Most Common Dental Problems

It comes as no surprise that sensitive teeth are the most common consequence of ice cream consumption identified by respondents, 43%. Fortunately, recent research claims to unveil the culprit for tooth sensitivity from cold foods and provides hope for the ice cream aficionados. 

Another common issue associated with ice cream is tooth decay. As already mentioned, sugar is a key ingredient in ice cream, so respondents’ opinion on the matter is well-grounded.


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Measures People Take to Minimize Dangers

Less frequent consumption is the most popular measure, followed by 39% of respondents. Eating with a spoon instead of “biting” the ice cream is another way people try to fight the negative effects of ice cream while still enjoying their favorite summer treat. In fact, this is a method used by many people with sensitive teeth. And, lastly almost a quarter of respondents simply enjoy the scoops without any special measures.


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Survey: “Ice Cream and Teeth” 



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