76% of respondents admit to less healthy eating during the holidays, survey reveals

The holiday cheer is fading away but are the consequences of overindulging with treats gone too? According to results from DentaVox survey, the majority of respondents find the Christmas feast harmful for oral health. The most cited holiday tradition is related to eating more sweets, the majority of respondents say. In particular, both sticky and hard candies are at the top of the chart of tooth-unfriendly treats according to survey participants.

Key results from the research:

52% of respondents say Christmas is harmful for teeth

It may not come as a surprise that the majority of respondents rate the Christmas period as detrimental to oral health in view of the abundance of sugar-loaded treats. Just 12% of the participants find it tooth-friendly and over one-third of the people do not consider it any different than other periods.


Christmas harmful healthy teeth


Eating sweets is the most harmful holiday tradition

Consumption of sugar-loaded food is recognized as the most harmful holiday tradition according to 65% of respondents. These results resonate with the common practices around the world to include a variety of sweets, cookies, chocolates, and cakes as traditional holiday treats.

It is interesting to note that significantly fewer people (21% of survey participants) point out drinking alcohol to be the most harmful tradition.


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Sticky and hard candies ranked at the top of most harmful holiday treats 

With sweets at the top of most harmful holiday traditions, it seems that most survey participants consider sticky candies the worst (27% of respondents). A similar share of respondents thinks hardy candy is the most tooth-unfriendly holiday treat. Other type of sugary treats such as chocolate, sweets with syrup and baked sweets are also cited by survey respondents. These results are well in line with the recommendations to control sugar intake for a more tooth-friendly holiday season.


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