74% of people believe aging always leads to dental problems

According to the latest findings from DentaVox research, 40% of respondents consider that getting old changes how your smile looks. And, it seems that women are more concerned about it than men. On the other hand, when it comes to the role of proper dental care to mitigate the adverse effects of aging on smile appearance, the share of men who are aware of it is higher than that of women.

Looking into respondents’ views on the consequences of aging on oral health shows that losing teeth is considered a natural part of the aging process. Moreover, two in five people find it to get thinner and longer teeth with age.

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The impact of aging on smile appearance – a concern to more women than men

While both men and women have similar views on the effect of aging to change the smile, it seems that women are more worried about it. Over one-third of female respondents express concerns about the negative impact of age on smile appearance, compared to 22% of male survey participants.

We can only guess about the reasons which lie behind these differing opinions. For instance, possibly, the higher awareness of the positive impact of good dental care on aging among men in the survey in comparison to women may be playing a role. On the other hand, it is also likely that the different views on the importance of good teeth for self-esteem have an influence. According to the results, 45% of women admit that the state of their teeth affects their self-esteem, whereas this percent is relatively lower for men, 34%.

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65% of respondents consider loosing teeth as an inevitable part of aging

Most respondents see tooth loss as a natural step of the aging process. This perspective on parting with natural teeth as one of the most common issues of the aging mouth is not surprising. While there is a significant share of senior adults affected by tooth loss, we should also note that studies illustrate a changing trend. For instance, according to research in the United States the percentage of people over 65 years old who retain their natural teeth has been steadily increasing.


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40% of respondents recognize teeth thinning as a common consequence of aging

Another impact of age on smile appearance is teeth getting thinner and longer. This perspective is not surprising, considering that “long in the tooth” has become a synonym for getting old. Mostly due to gum recession, longer teeth are not necessarily part of the aging process and can be avoided with proper dental care.

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