At first attainable by celebrities only, the so-called “Hollywood smile” is becoming more and more popular among regular people as well. A recent DentaVox survey among 1975 respondents globally shows that the main reason for getting a smile makeover is the desire to look attractive. Moreover, 86% of respondents perceive Hollywood smiles as more attractive than natural smiles. Curiously, when it comes to the choice of partner, more survey participants are likely to prefer someone with a natural smile. Flawless teeth are also expected by 41% of DentaVox survey respondents for their dentist and recognized as more trustworthy than natural smiles by 49% of them. 

Not everyone goes for a Hollywood smile, though. Why is that? The same research indicates that costs are the leading barrier, closely followed by the need for repairs and maintenance, as well as the fear of poor treatment results. 

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Top 3 reasons for having a Hollywood smile

The desire to feel more attractive stands out as the main reason for someone to undergo a smile makeover. It is pointed out by 39% of DentaVox survey participants. Moreover, respondents mention feeling more attractive and the related higher self-esteem as the greatest positive effects on people’s personal lives. 

The second most popular reason for having a Hollywood smile (13%) is a job that requires a perfect smile, followed by the ability to afford it (8%). 

It is interesting to note that a previously published study found a moderate effect of social media over the decision of young people to opt for a Hollywood smile. With the peculiar rule of social media on our lives, its effect on people’s perceptions of beauty could be subject to further research in order to cover all age groups and appearance aspects. 

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Top 3 fears about getting a Hollywood smile

So far, so good. But what is the reason that under 1% of DentaVox respondents have Hollywood smiles? High costs seem to be the main barrier in getting a smile makeover with one-third of survey participants pointing so. 

However, another 19% are not so worried about the price than about the need for further repairs and the difficulties maintaining their new teeth. It’d be useful to explore further whether the discomfort, the additional costs, the extra time spent in the dental chair, or something else bothers people in particular. 

Let’s also mention that getting a Hollywood smile is usually a long-term solution (10-30 years with veneers) and it can completely change one’s appearance. From this point of view, it is not surprising to see that the third most common barrier to undergoing this treatment is the fear that the dentist will do a poor job. This is perceived as the greatest hurdle by 15% of surveyed users. 

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Hollywood vs. Natural smile preferences

After we explored people’s arguments pro and against Hollywood smiles, let’s see how respondents compare them to natural smiles in different aspects and situations. 

Not shocking, flawless teeth are recognized as more attractive than natural-looking ones by 86% of DentaVox survey respondents. When it comes to trustworthiness, though, the competitive advantage of Hollywood-styled teeth is not so great. Although nearly half of the surveyed people pointed to perfect teeth as more trustworthy, 38% of them didn’t really find any difference. Based on this, it can be concluded that for a significant part of people, trustworthiness is defined by many other more important factors. 

Another interesting finding is that just under one-third of research participants said that it doesn’t matter if their dentist has a Hollywood or a natural smile. The largest share of respondents (41%) would prefer to go to a dentist with perfectly made teeth. 

Things are different on the romantic side of life, though, with most people willing to choose a partner with natural teeth (49%) over someone with a Hollywood smile (21%). 

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