54% of people feel they get just the right amount of information during dental treatment, according to results from a DentaVox survey. Yet, the majority of survey participants admit that specifics such as the medications applied or the use of anesthetics remain unclear for them.

Taking a closer look at the questions reveals that apart from the treatment itself, before treatment most people are concerned about the pain level and the number of visits required. In comparison, after competition of treatment after-care recommendations and the cost are the most commonly mentioned areas of interest.

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information that patients need during treatment

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Top 3 questions before treatment

Will it hurt? That is the second most common question asked by patients after general queries about the treatment itself. It comes as no surprise that the pain level is a subject of concern. As per findings from another survey by DentaVox, 62% of respondents who experience dental fear and anxiety attribute their condition to expectations about the pain.

The number of visits required is also a common topic of interest. As dentistry is rapidly developing and is now able to offer complicated procedures such as implant placement within a single day, it can be supposed that more and more patients would rather have fewer appointments.

Areas that remain unclear

While 54% of respondents feel adequately informed about dental treatment, it looks like the majority of survey participants are left in the dark when it comes to the specifics. It might be debatable how relevant it is to know the exact treatment steps and medications. Yet, this is not the case about the use of anesthetics, and still, 63% of respondents are not aware of their use. Having in mind the potential dangers of their use in case of underlying allergies are unlocked, this is a worrying trend to consider.

Top 3 questions after treatment

Once treatment is completed, after-care recommendations are the most common subject of interest for 65% of respondents. In the second place, for half of the survey participants, the cost is the topic they most frequently bring up. It is no wonder considering that it is an important aspect of the patient experience. Moreover, according to an earlier DentaVox survey, an unexpectedly high bill can be the worst dental experience for close to one-fifth of respondents.

How closely does the information provided by dentists correspond to patient questions? Are alternative treatment options discussed? Check the live stats for more interesting insights: