In the end of this thrilling year, we brought some more exciting updates on your favourite paid survey website:

But hey, let’s be more specific, shall we?


Revamped Statistics 

DentaVox statistics are now even fresher, more interactive, and insightful.

On top of adding new colours and better result visualisations, we also enabled filters for each demographic criteria. Say you need results only for age groups 18-24 and 25-34 – just select those from the Age group dropdown and there you go!

Moreover,  now you can also see a breakdown only for a specific answer. This will help you get a better overview of the most/ least popular answers or of the answers that concern you most in different demographic groups.


Survey Targeting

As the requests from media and dentists about custom surveys on suggested topics are growing, we set the basics to provide sophisticated targeting options. Now we and our partners can set surveys to be shown only to specific groups of users, targeted by sex, age, education, marital status, and plenty of other demographic criteria.

Dentists can now easily navigate to the Custom Survey Request Form right from their homepage after login. There they can describe the topic in details and specify their target group/s.

For all regular users that means you will no longer be able to see all surveys – only the ones that target people with demographics similar to yours.

It’s also likely that you will see a page, saying the limit for respondents from your country is reached. This is not a permanent state, so make sure to check for available spots regularly. You may also see a message that a certain survey is targeted to people with different demographics than yours – no worries, just choose from the other currently available surveys.


Improved Design

Although the statistics certainly had the most obvious re-design, we took time to update other pages as well.

We added a new section to the homepage, attracting visitors’ to the daily polls:


And we didn’t miss giving a glimpse of the new statistics by adding a short video:


Our blog is also linked to the Statistics page for people who are always thirsty for more insightful statistics and state-of-the-art infographics:


Better Security

We take DentaVox’ mission to provide the missing dental market research data very seriously. We do reward users in order to motivate participation but we have never tolerated manipulations. That’s why we are constantly improving our anti-fraud system.

If you see a message that your access to DentaVox or any other Dentacoin tool has been blocked, that means you have violated some of the basic principles of the platform.

Please understand that on our quest to provide reliable market statistics, we cannot make any compromise with the legitimacy of users and their answers.

Be true and we will be fair. 


Keep enjoying DentaVox!