Bored at home? Why not take a DentaVox survey?
Commuting to work? Take DentaVox surveys.
Chilling at the park? You know what to do 🙂 

Your favorite paid surveys are now available on Google Play! With the brand new DentaVox Surveys mobile app, you can enjoy sharing your opinion and getting rewarded whenever you like, wherever you are. Just grab your phone and dive in! 

google play app download



➡️ Seamless login & easy signup

Already a user of DentaVox? Worry not as you will be able to seamlessly log into your existing accounts on the app.  

For new users, we support Facebook and Civic registrations. Those well-known options make it easy for you because – let’s face it – nobody needs yet another password to remember. 

➡️ Surveys & polls as you know them

Two new surveys every week and fun daily polls – your favorite features remain available just as you know (and like) them. We have just made various changes to further improve your mobile survey experience but the essence is the same. Be as fast as usual to get your slot. 

We have over 200 surveys available to you, so while focusing on the new, don’t forget the benefits “hidden” in this enormous pool of questionnaires. 

➡️ Push notifications for new surveys

Have you seen this message “Oops! Survey not available…”? Yeah, not very pleasant. It appears when the slots for respondents with your demographics have filled up for this particular survey. That doesn’t mean you will not be able to answer this questionnaire ever but you will have to wait until new slots get available. 

Well, not anymore! You can ensure you are among the first survey participants by enabling your mobile push notifications. This way you will always be informed immediately after a new survey is launched.  

➡️ Convenient app navigation

Switching between surveys, daily polls, and your account is now even easier with a convenient, ever-present bottom app navigation. It allows you to jump from one section to the other within a blink of an eye. 

➡️ Everything in the menu

Everything else you might miss is in the three-dots menu on top of the mobile screen. From there you can easily jump to DentaVox survey stats, daily poll results, DentaVox FAQ, blog, or privacy policy.

By selecting the menu item “My Dentacoin apps”, you can also quickly open your Dentacoin hub with all other apps. This happens in a handy in-app browser, meaning that you can write a review on Trusted Reviews, e.g., without having to leave the DentaVox app at all. 



We are utterly happy to see you love DentaVox just as much as we do. In the past half a year, we have seen an extreme surge in the user count and the number of surveys filled. Standing at 84 thousand users and over 77 million questions answered, we are glad to deliver an even more immersive experience to all of you! Enjoy it!

google play app download


P.S. The iOS app is coming soon – stay tuned!