At the beginning of the new season, we asked respondents their opinion in regards to topics related to the Covid-19 vaccine. With heated discussions these past months, it is no wonder that there is much misinformation on the subject. However, health must always come as a priority. How are dental health and Covid-19 vaccine related? We explore the topic and give stats on respondents answers in regards to questions such as:

  • Would the Covid-19 vaccine make people happier?
  • What would help dentists protect patients against Covid-19?
  • Do dentists who promote the Covid-19 vaccine have a better reputation than those who oppose it?


health consequence


worst health decision



most dangerous health


worst impact for dentists


covid vaccine or losing teeth

most dangerous health


worst medical thing


what is worst


worst impact for dentists


brushing teeth vs covid vaccine


worst impact on health


harmful to body


least clear health outcome


worst reputation


vaccine vs dental checkups


not brushing teeth vs not vaccinated


innovative ways to wellbeing


which hurts most


dental reputation and vaccine


vaccine and tooth extraction

worst children impact


least fair covid vaccine


general wellbeing worst effect


profect from covid


covid vaccine or breaking tooth


most common covid vaccine teeth problems


positive healthcare system change


make people happy safe


most negative impact