With the last warm month of the summer coming to an end it’s about time we review August’s daily digest. We asked respondents’ opinions on what are some of the worst dental issues and dental procedures, and how they handle the fear. Find information on topics such as:

  • Which is the most painful dental problem
  • What is the worst thing you can do for children’s oral health
  • What is most dangerous for your teeth enamel

annoying dental activity


dental pain relief


artificial teeth


annoying dental office


myth fact dental checkup


serious dental issue


worst dental insurance


common dental surgery


dental practice


painful experience


painful dental problem


dental practices


irresponsible behaviours


annoying communication


tongue scraping


worst thing for oral health


worst experience dentist


wors affects


unethical advertising strategy


worst thing for teeth


worst dental memory


inconvenient dental insurance


ineffective teeth whitening


least important advertisement


least important staff


dangerous enamel


least appreciated


worst wisdom teeth


inappropriate dentist social meadia

myth fact oral health


least important dental producs