Natural vs. synthetic – the endless fight! Should kids use only natural toothpaste? What about adults? How do fluoride oral care products compare to natural ones in terms of safety and effectiveness? Rubbing strawberries on teeth or using home whitening kits – what’s better? Holistic or conventional dentist – who has more patients? See what people think on these and similar matters in DentaVox’s Daily Polls Digest for the month of November!


most effective toothpaste tooth decay


better tooth extraction methods


more effective teeth whitening methods


paties feel more relawed when


myth fact dental survey natural practices popular or not


better mouthwash against plaque buildup


more effective oral disease prevention achieved by


safer teeth whitening method kits vs strawberries


more competent dentists using natural or conventional methods



myth fact natural dental practices dangerous


toothpaste more effective against gum disease fluoride herbal


pain prevention during dental treatment anasthesia vs essential oils


more effective teeth whitening method bakind soda vs professional


dentists good at marketing


myth fact natural oral care product safer than conventional


mouthwash best against inflammations chlorxedube herbal


dental practices making more money conventional or all natural

safer teeth whitening method baking soda professional


fragrances best for dental offices natural vs synthetic


myth fact natural oral care products less effective than concentional


type toothpaste should children use fluoride vs herbal


dental practice having more patient conventional vs natural


method more effective teeth whitening oil pulling vs professional


oral care products recommended by patients natural vs synthetic


myth fact natural oral care products after oral surgery dangerous

mouthwash children should use herbal vs chlorhexidine



prevention pain during dental treatment safer anasthesia vs essential oils


method effective teeth whitening home kit oil pulling neither


type toothpaste dentists should recommend natural vs synthetic

myth fact children should use only natural products