New year – new choices. In January 2022 we ask for curious comparisons such as: Do people want to choose braces or aligners, male or female dentist, dental practice or massage studio, tooth gems or tooth tattoos, natural remedies, or painkillers – if you had to choose only one of those in 2022, what would it be?

Let’s explore the intriguing answers on respondents’ oral care preferences.


goal oral hygiene routine vs flossing


experience type pain dental treatment toothache


strenghten teeth clear aligners or metal braces


choose new dentist female vs male


myth fact people set health related goals new years


focus goals use mouthwash flossing


relieve toothache painkillers vs natural remedies


dental surgery preferences dental implants vs tooth extraction


social media channels for dentists instagram facebook tiktok youtube twitter


myth vs favt health related new year goals fail


focus goals brushing after lunch vs not brushing


choose no matter cost dental practice massage studio


choose teeth whitening method inoffice vs home kits


one channel to contact dentist phone message socials email


myth vs fact new years health goals lose weight


choose focus goals brush teeth longer shorter


cost not matter choose visit dental practice heart doctor


method replacing missing tooth implant crown dental bridge


messaging apps contact dentist whatsapp telegram fb messenger


myth vs fact better set health related goals middle year


focus goals mobile app oral health habits others


cost didnt matter make visit dental practice vs plastic surgeon


tooth decorations tooth gems or tattoos


advice for dentists accept Dentacoin publish tips more photos


myth fact most new years health related resolutions are eating health


focus goal choosing better oral tools or products


cost didnt matter choose visit specialist dentist oncologist


choose aligners straighten teeth dental office or online


one advice for dentist explain everything play music hold hand


myth fact most health related goals about sports


focus goal visit dentist regular checkups or when have problems


With the new month ahead of us, now you have the chance to share your opinion in regards to different interesting comparisons! See Daily Polls Here.