We devoted the month of December to… Christmas wishes. Well, what else!? Respondents from all over the world share what are their wishes related to oral health. Do people want cheaper OR better healthcare services? Whiter or straighter teeth? Also, what do people want to receive as a Christmas present from their dentist – discounted treatment or oral care product samples?

Find stats on answers such as these, and many other in 2021st last Daily Polls Digest!


christmas wish more aware health relationships


christmas wish better quality health services lower healthcare services


christmas wish removable dentures dental implants


christmas wish keep current dentist get better dentists


christmas time myth fact other people health


christmas wish toothbrush ultrasonic electric manual current


christmas wih fix all dental problems not feel toothache


christmas wish free mouth restoration dental filling


christmas card by dentist digital paper


myth fact christmas time think more about health



perfect teeth related christmas gift

christmas wish limit sugar or eat but not harmful


christmas wish healthier teeth whiter straighter

christmas wish dentist discount free toorhpaste

myth fact christmas time people forget about health


christmas wish never lose tooth or get dental caries


christmas wish find effective toothpaste better taste natural other


christmas wish never get dentures dental implants


christmas time dentist open practice emergencies


myth fact christmas time people think global health problems


christmas wish every child free dental treatment dental checkup oral care – Копие

christmas wish fix dental problems never have any – Копие


christmas eve oral care routine longer shorter – Копие


christmas time dentist social media oral health content – Копие


myth fact christmas time people forget about denta problems – Копие


teeth related gifts christmas – Копие


schedule first dental visit – Копие


christmas gift braces aligners – Копие


after christmas people wish dentist remind book next checkup – Копие



myth fact people promise to fix teeth after christmas


new years eve morning after oral care routine