Dental fear is so common that we almost think of it as normal.

But what exactly do people fear the most? Is it the pain or the possible costs? Is it related to previous personal trauma, imagined complications, or other people’s stories?

In the month of May, we tried to find the answers to such questions through various comparisons. See people’s opinions on all these matters below.


fear more knowing how many dental problems or treating


bigger barrier for people lack of money dental fear


biggest fear losing teeth or treating dental problems


barrier for visit dentist regularly lack money lack awareness


what you fear more pain furing dental treatment not liking dentist


bigger barrier visit dentist regularly fear lack of awareness


what you personally fear more not liking results dental treatment not linking dentist


which more common why people fear dentists based trauma other people stories


what do you personally fear more not knowing the cost dental treatment


which more common reason people fear dentists imagining pain previus trauma


personal fear knowing i have to pay lot for treatment learning about my problems


which more comong for dental fear imagining pai other stories

what do you fear more being in pain dental treatment paying a lot


people fear dentists because pain costs


what you fear more knowing i have to pay not liking the dentist


which of these makes people fear the dentist more fear pain control


personally fear knowing lots to pay not liking dental treatment


which makes people fear dentists fear costs losing control


bigger fear losing teeth knowing i have to pay


scarrier for people sound of drill specific dental smell


what do you fear more stomach surgery dental surgery

which is scarrier for people sound drill anesthesia injections


what fear more dental surgery nose surgery


which is scarrier sound drill office smell


bigger fear losing teeth or hair

scarrier to people anesthesia injections office smell


bigger fear losing mind losing teeth


can dentists help with extreme dental anxiety

bigger fear toothache or headache

can psyhologist help overcome extreme dental anxiety


bigger fear pain during treatment dental anesthesia injection