Spring is when life comes back to… life! But does this season have an impact on how people behave towards their physical and mental health? Today we explore some curious findings based on respondees’ answers in March. Find stats on questions such as:

  • Which habits are they most likely to change in this season?
  • How does springtime influence dentists’ work?
  • Do people get more fit in the spring?



what people start springtime weight loss dental treatment

biggest pain spring job health partner family

best dental treatment during spring veneers whitening surgery

dentists during spring active social media

myth fact eating healthy springtime

quit bad habbits springtime smoking eating healthy drinking alcohol

biggest efforts springtime health appearance job family

worst thing to do spring dental surgery aestetics fillings

springime dentists strat having more patients


myth fact people start sports springtime

choose one dental treatment spring professional teeth cleaningcheckups

most painful experience toothache giving birth broken bone


orthodontic treatment during springtime

springtime dentists start thinking more about hygiene protection

myth fact people start paying more attenting health spring

spot during springtime delayed dental treatment skipped dental checkups

dentists put biggest effort springtime hygiene patient relations social media

most people consider dental surgery springtime true not


springtime dentists are more active advertising

myth fact people start paying more attention springtime mental wellbeing


people start springtime weightloss program dental treatment

procedures most preformed during spring dental checkups teeth whitening


true for people who consider dental aesthetics veeners whitening sprintime consult dentist


truth dentists springtime working more than usual less

myth fact people pay more attention to their relations springtime

people start doing more springtime drinking alcohol eating unhealthy

most people who consider dental fillings consult in springtime start treatments


springtime dentists start being less formal with patients true or not

myth fact people often go dental checkups springtime


dental services springtime people undergo professional teeth cleaning whitening fillings