In April DentaVox respondents shared their knowledge on various dental topics.

And today it’s time to look through the stats based on their answers to questions such as:

  • How many sets of teeth do humans usually have over an entire lifetime?
  • Why is the tongue important to the eating process?
  • When should children first visit the dentist?


children first dentist visit years old


nitrous oxide official name laughting gas anesthesia sedatation


main function incisors front teeth cut cop food

main goal of dentists giving patients surveys evaluate quality


myth fact poor dental health is linked to serious health conditions


halitosis medical term bad breath plaque buildup dental cavity


most valuable innovation dentistry using composite fillings zirconia tooth restorations



tongue importance in eating process helps swirling food pushes chewed food



medical questionnaires begore treatment main goal evaluate treatment


tooth loss inevitable part aging myth fact



toothbrushes should be replaced every month every month


which innovation brought valuable change dentistry local anesthesia laughing gas



which treatment require less tooth structure removed veneers crowns



best advertisement for dentists patient recommendetions social media



myth fact if caught early oral cancer is curable



precedes gum disease periodontitis gingivitis loose teeth oral cancer



which innovation brought more valuable change in dentistry d rpinters cad cam systems



material used dental bonding composite ceramic metal



worst advertisements for dentist pay social media tv shows newspaper



myth fact no two peoples teeth are identical



how much tooth surface you miss cleaning dont floss



which innovation brought valuable change dentistry tooth restoration machines



newest material making dental crowns ceramic zirconia metal



best action make patient relax explain treatment steps speak calmly anesthesia



myth fact amount bacteria average human mouth greater the entire population earth



how many sets teeth humans have over lifetime



innovation brought more value in dentistry electric toothbrush oral irrigator



which procedures usually precedes placing dental implants if jawbone insufficient jaw surgery bone grafting


worst actions dentist do to relax patients holding hand applying strong anesthesia sedatation



myth fact thumb sucking in children harms teeth