15% of respondents globally have never gone for a dental check-up according to results from a recent DentaVox survey. The main reason to avoid preventive dental examinations is the perception that visiting the dentist is required only in case of a problem. On the positive side, 85% of respondents have been to a routine check-up and the majority of them report that they usually go twice a year. It is interesting to note that respondents globally have little experience with digital tools for check-up scheduling while the majority of American respondents have used web forms or email to book an appointment.

Find more interesting comparisons between global and US respondents in the infographic on various aspects of dental check-up visits:

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Why some people have never been to a routine check-up

Globally, 15% of respondents have never been to a dental check-up, compared to just 1% of US respondents. As mentioned above, for survey participants globally a problem-oriented mindset is the main reason not to go for routine check-ups. Only 23% indicate cost as an important issue. In comparison, cost is the main impediment to getting dental care according to previous studies in the United States. The difference in results might be due to regional variations or the relatively lower cost of dental check-up in comparison to other dental procedures, which might have been considered by participants in the American study.

How regularly patients go for а preventive examination

The majority of respondents, both globally and in the United States, report they visit the dentist for a check-up 2 times per year. Their percentage reaches up to 91% for the U.S. and is much higher compared to previous results. For instance, according to a survey in 2014, 52% of Americans typically visit the dentist twice a year, including for dental check-ups and treatments.  

How patients usually schedule their check-up appointment

Digital channels are still very underutilized globally. In contrast, the majority of respondents from the U.S. report to have used email or web contact form to book a check-up. Other tools like online booking, mobile app or scheduling via social media are still quite unpopular among all respondents. It will be interesting to explore if patients had the option to use these online channels but chose not to. Prior research shows high interest in the usage of online booking by healthcare patients in general. Also, it reveals a very low percentage of patients having had the opportunity to use such systems. 

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Stats source: DentaVox, Dental Check-ups | Base: 545 respondents, 22/07-01/10/2019