Over half of respondents in a recent DentaVox survey admit that what they see in movies shapes their perspective of beauty. And, it looks like they are just a step away from changing their appearance as a result. When it comes to one’s smile, most respondents believe that the models set by movies are very likely to influence women in getting cosmetic dentistry procedures such as teeth whitening, straightening, and even Hollywood smile makeover.

Here are more interesting results on the influence of movies:

46% of people likely to change their appearance


Just 22% of respondents claim movies have no effect on their decision whether or not to make changes in how they look. While 32% take a neutral position, the rest of participants find it (very) likely to undertake steps in that direction.


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More likely to change smile appearance than treat dental issues


When asked about the things women are more likely to change in their smiles as a result of the influence of movies, most respondents pointed out mostly to cosmetic dentistry fixes. 81% think it is likely for women to whiten their teeth. Similarly, the percentage is high for straighter teeth and even Hollywood smile makeovers. On the other hand, it seems less likely that movies would inspire preventative care such as teeth cleanings, treating tooth decay, or gum disease. While this may be perceived as less related to appearance, untreated tooth decay and gum disease may lead to tooth loss. And, this certainly would not contribute to the ideal smile pictured in the movies.


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Smile ranked 4th in the things people would change


One quarter of respondents admit they are likely to change their body composition influenced by the movies. Such changes may include getting slimmer, more muscular, etc. Hair and clothes are also a popular choice as things to change. On the other hand, just 11% would go for the smile.


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Survey: “Movies’ Influence on Beauty” 

Website: dentavox.dentacoin.com


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