63% of people find it very important to be able to pay for health services, including oral care, according to results from our survey on oral care spending. The biggest hurdle for 22% of respondents is the high cost of dental treatment and products. The results support the findings of previous research where financial barriers to dental treatment were reported as higher in comparison to other health-related services. But what are people planning to do about it? Most respondents find earning more as the only viable solution.

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Affording dental care importance in comparison to other items

It is no wonder that people place health services, followed by utility bills, are perceived as the most important things people should be able to afford. In comparison, leisure activities such as travel and entertainment make it to the top of least important items. Placing one’s health as a priority is a common perspective but one can ask what are the difficulties people face to realize this good intention.


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Greatest difficulty to covering dental costs

The high cost of dental care is recognized by nearly a quarter of respondents as the greatest difficulty concerning oral health spending. Similarly, another research in EU countries suggests that for many people, 52% of respondents, dental costs are seen as a burden to their budget.

It is interesting to see that a small share of respondents, 13% mentions expensive insurance as a hurdle. Likewise, just 12% see insurance coverage as the problem. These results indicate that insurances are not seen as a solution to high dental costs by a substantial share of respondents.


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Changes people would make to afford oral care

If oral health-related costs are difficult to cover, how are people planning to solve this puzzle? For one in three respondents, higher income is the only way. Getting health insurance is considered by 19%.  However, saving (17%) or allocating more funds (7%) are perceived as options by fewer people. Are respondents on a tight budget or not willing to sacrifice other items? It is hard to guess. Yet, it is clear that affording dental care is still an issue for many.


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